Reasons Why People Should Invest In Their Home Security


It is innate for humans to value his and her safety and security. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs includes safety and security as one of the human motivations. Humans will only be satisfied when all of these needs are fulfilled. People will do everything to stay away from danger as much as possible. 

Unfortunately, people remain vulnerable to natural threats. It is why governments and academics invest in technology and innovations to be able to foresee incoming disasters. 

Yet, humanity got better when it comes to man-made threats. Technological innovations have been able to prevent, solve, and counter security menaces. The best thing? These technologies are now available and affordable for personal security use.

CCTV cameras are one of the most common security measure systems you can find in the market. Even an ordinary homeowner can invest in a CCTV promotion package in Singapore for extra home protection. CCTV cameras have been in demand, especially with dangers looming around the neighbourhood. 

5 Alarming Signs That Your Home Is Being Targeted By Criminals


Our home is supposed to be a safe haven, yet it is inevitable to keep away desperate and dauntless hoodlums from targeting our houses. It gets worse when there are no capable adults who can protect children or elderlies inhabiting the home. That said, CCTV companies in Singaporeprovide affordable home-use security cameras that can serve as visual deterrence against the outlaws. Here are the alarming signs that your house is being targeted by criminals.

Strangers and Unfamiliar Cars Nearby

Apart from forming trusts and building bonds, socialising in the community also creates a sense of security within the neighbourhood. It is an unspoken responsibility for neighbours to look out for each other. Familiarising yourself with the faces of your neighbours, their vehicles, and usual visitors can help you determine if your home is being targeted.

If you notice an unfamiliar vehicle roaming around the community or an unknown person passing by your home and taking pictures of it, it may be a sign that your home is being watched.

The first thing you can do is to inform authorities and neighbours about this peculiar stalking incident. You can ask a CCTV supplier in Singapore for appropriate security cameras to install around your house to deter these strangers. 

Loose and Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Light is one of the enemies of burglars. Hoodlums usually try to bust lights around their target home beforehand to avoid exposing their wicked goals during the wee hours of the night.

It is vital to check your lights, especially those in your garage or outdoors, are working perfectly fine. Keep them lit up at night as much as possible.

CCTV companies in Singaporetoday produce night vision security cameras that record HD footage even with low light. Installing these security cameras in the darkest nooks of your home can help you monitor people trying to break in. 

Flyers, Stickers and Vandalism

People take flyers stuck between gate grilles or door gaps as a marketing strategy for local shops and businesses. However, some outlaws also use this strategy to monitor the schedule of people residing in the house. It is also a way to determine if someone is currently inside.

Meanwhile, unusual stickers and vandalism are not always the doing of naughty kids. They can actually be markings of the burglars.

Getting a CCTV promotion package in Singapore and installing security cameras around the house will give faces to unknown people leaving odd flyers and markings on your door. 

Door-to-Door Scams

One of the most direct and probably dangerous encounters to potential burglars is the door-to-door scam. There are times where criminals pretending to be staff of some business go knocking on doors around the neighbourhood to offer services. 

It is a less obvious strategy to get close to the target house and discreetly check the surroundings for the presence of security systems, including alarms and CCTVs, guard dogs, and possible entry and exit points. 

Vigilant residents purchase security cameras from a reputable CCTV supplier in Singapore to install near their doorways to record people coming in and out of the house. 

Emergency Requests

Another dangerous direct encounter with potential criminals is the emergency request. Outlaws knock on doors and call for urgent help. They may ask to use your toilet or request to use the hotline to reach someone, while others beg for a glass of water.

They often do this strategy at noon, where only a few people inhabit the house while the other occupants are either at work or school.

It gets worse when hoodlums take this opportunity to get inside the house and assault the occupants in broad daylight.

As much as possible, never open your door to strangers. It is much better to get a CCTV promotion package in Singapore and install security cameras around the house to deter break-in attempts. 

Now that you know the telltale signs that your house is under the radar of criminals, the remaining question will be how can you protect your family from these security threats?

That said, CCTV companies in Singapore provide affordable security cameras to keep your cradle safe from outlaws. 

How Can CCTV Cameras Deter and Solve Crimes?


Closed Circuit-Television or CCTV is a video surveillance device that is installed in areas for remote monitoring. CCTV cameras record footage and images of activity in the area it monitors 24/7. These footages can be accessed and transmitted for reviews, complete with date and time stamp.

CCTV was first used during the Second World War by Germans. Today, manyCCTV companies in Singapore sell affordable yet high-quality security cameras for home security use. 

Here is how CCTV cameras help deter and solve crimes:

Visible Crime Deterrent

CCTV cameras alone cannot stop a crime from happening; however, they can discourage crime attempts. Security cameras installed around the house warn outlaws that any activities near the property are being surveyed and recorded. 

It can deter criminals from committing minor violations like vandalism and damage to properties to major crimes such as burglary and car stealing. It can also discourage street crimes like robbery and physical assault. At the same time, it also discourages internal violations among employees, including stealing company equipment.  

Apart from video surveillance being a visible crime deterrent, people also feel safer in areas that are closely monitored by CCTV cameras.

It is why local governments buy surveillance cameras from a reputableCCTV supplier in Singapore to monitor crowded streets and public spaces. Private workspaces and establishments also purchase a CCTV promotion package in Singaporeto increase the security measure in the building. There are cheap yet high-quality surveillance cameras available for families who want a safer home. 

Real-Time Monitoring For Quick Response and Criminal Apprehension

As stated in the first item, CCTV cameras alone cannot prevent crimes from happening; however, they can be an effective tool for security personnel to put criminals to stop.

CCTV cameras transmit their real-time recording to the database, where security personnel can monitor and review concurrently.

CCTV cameras have been instrumental in apprehending shoplifters in retail stores and scaring away people trying to break into properties due to their live monitoring. 

Similarly, surveillance cameras have been significant for the quick response to emergencies and disasters like fires, hit-and-run, and police pursuit by providing location and condition reports.

Getting aCCTV promotion package in Singaporeallows you to monitor activities around your property, albeit being at work. 

Solves Crime By Providing Accurate Information

The safety and security breakthrough courtesy of CCTV cameras is immeasurable. Many crimes have been prevented, apprehended, and solved because of the footage of surveillance cameras. 

The video recordings of crimes have been instrumental in tracing outlaws at large by capturing their last whereabouts and the direction they are heading. 

CCTV cameras have contributed monumentally in identifying suspects, eliminating the struggle with facial composite.

From the date and time stamps to crisp frames of video footage that captured the actual crime, CCTV has solved thousands of cases in Singapore and abroad. 

The availability and wide use of CCTVs around the world have been instrumental in speeding up the investigation process and serving justice. HD and night vision surveillance cameras from a reputable CCTV supplier Singapore helps the authorities in solving crimes.

Can Be Used As Solid Evidence

CCTV footage can sometimes be used as solid evidence in courtrooms. Recordings can provide information on whether the defendant or the suspect was at the scene where the crime happened. Footages can solidify the evidence that the suspect did commit the crime even without eyewitnesses present. On the other hand, CCTV footage can provide innocence as well. 

Yet, CCTV recordings are still submitted for reviews and analysis to ensure credibility. 

However, video surveillance has its shortfalls as well, like gathering witnesses. If witnesses can change their statement, which can tarnish their credibility, low-quality and grainy footage can ruin the reliability of CCTV recording as evidence as well. 

Furthermore, high-definition security cameras from reputable CCTV companies in Singapore address this loophole. 

Truly, CCTV cameras have proven their relevance in enhancing safety and security and solving crimes in the neighbourhood. The question is, what is the right CCTV camera appropriate for home security?

4 Most Common Types Of CCTV Camera in Singapore


Technology innovation is responsible for surveillance cameras’ advancement today. ManyCCTV companies in Singapore have produced video surveillance devices with different advanced features. 

Here are the most common CCTV you can find in Singapore:

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

PTZ cameras allow monitoring personnel to manoeuvre the camera remotely through computer controls and command. PTZ cameras are more flexible compared to still CCTV cameras. They cover larger geographical areas than other cameras as well, leaving no blind spot.


  • Pan and Tilt 

PTZ cameras can be moved from left to right and top to bottom, providing a 360-degree view of the area.

  • Zoom

PTZ cameras allow the controllers to zoom the view during a live feed, allowing them to focus on one subject.

  • High-Definition Footage

Newer PTZ cameras provide sharp and crisp footage, even with motion. 

Where To Use

Since this camera has a wider perimeter coverage, it is ideal to use in large places like malls, retail stores, and public spaces. It is perfect for crowded areas as well, like transportation stations and squares.

You can contact yourCCTV supplier in Singapore for the best PTZ cameras.

Day/Night Cameras

Day/Night cameras automatically adjust to the light condition of their surroundings, making them ideal for outdoor use. Day/Night cameras monitor areas effectively during the mornings and evenings by providing clear footage.


  • Night Vision

Day/Night cameras have built-in Infrared LED to provide crisp and clear images in low light. Night vision is usually in black and white colour.

  • Infrared Cut Removable Filter

Opposite to infrared LED, Infrared Cut Removable Filter strains infrared lights for sharper and crisper footage during daytime or high-lighting conditions.

  • Case

Day/Night cameras have a built-in case, specifically made to protect the device from differing environmental damage.

Where To Use

Day/Night cameras are the most common CCTV cameras you can see on streets. It is ideal for outdoor use. It can be installed in areas with poor lighting like the parking lot and garage. Families can also install this inside and outside the house.

Look forCCTV companies in Singapore that provide Day/Night cameras.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras have a clean installation, making their presence discreet.


  • Hidden Wirings

There are no exposed wirings for these cameras, preventing criminals from sabotaging through cable cutting.

  • Flexible Video Viewing

Video footage can be sent through the internet for easy access.

Where To Use

Wireless cameras have a clean and chic look perfect for churches, museums, tourist areas.

You can look for a wirelessCCTV promotion package in Singapore.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are small cylindrical CCTVs that are usually used outdoors.


  • Long-Distance 

Bullet cameras are known to capture sharp footage from a long-distance. 

  • Case

Bullet cameras have a protective case that is resistant to dirt and environmental damage.

Where To Use

Bullet cameras are usually used outdoors, especially in crowded areas like malls, squares, and stations. 

CCTV companies in Singaporeusually produce bullet cameras.

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