Shhh: 12 Secrets That A Florist Does Not You To Know


Giving flowers has always been a part of every culture, and this tradition started during the time of ancient civilisations of the Greeks, Egyptians, and Roman Empire. Hundreds to thousands of years later, many people from other countries are doing the same thing, even until now. Giving flowers has become a common practice whenever anyone wants to celebrate something or express themselves. Thus, it is not a surprise that flower delivery exists not only in Singapore but anywhere else, so anyone can give flowers even if they are far away from the recipients.

After all, the sender only needs to find a flower shop online, get flower delivery in Singapore and write down the delivery address. Thirty minutes to one hour later, the recipients will be able to receive the flowers that the sender wants to give them.

If that is what you always do, did you know that there are things your florist is not telling you? Read on to find out the best secrets a florist is hiding from you.

12 Secrets That A Florist Does Not You To Know

1. Mondays Are The Day To Go


Even though Mondays are the most hated day by employees, Monday is when almost every flower shop receives fresh flower delivery from their suppliers in Singapore. Knowing that fact will give you an idea of which day is the best day to get flowers and send the bouquet to your loved ones,

2. Direct Sunlight Will Kill Flowers

Do you also think that a flower vase in the window looks great? That may be true, but did you know that direct sunlight can slowly kill the flowers you have bought? See it for yourself. After a day or two, you can expect the flowers to have dried up.

3. Put Them Away From Fruits

Another thing you should not do if you want the rose you got via delivery in Singapore to last for a long time is to place it somewhere else away from fruits. Like other plants, fruits also emit ethylene gas, which will make the rose or other flowers wilt prematurely.

4. Customers Can Ask For A Discount

You can try, but you should remember that most florists only give discounts to senior citizens, customers they are fond of, and professional groups. If you do not belong to any of them, you are less likely to receive a discount for the flowers you plan to purchase.

5. Know The Freshness By Squeezing The Roses

Instead of getting rose delivery in Singapore, it would be better to come and buy the flower in person since it can help you determine the freshness level of the flowers. All you need to do is gently press the part where the petal and the stem meet at the top. If the rose feels squishy, that only means they are no longer fresh. A fresh rose has a firmer texture even after gently squeezing it.

6. Washing The Vase Can Help Flowers Last Longer

Besides changing the water in the vase, you should also watch its interior with soap. Otherwise, the existing bacteria will contaminate the water and reduce the flowers’ lifespan.

7. Never Use Scissors To Trim Stems


Even though using scissors to cut the stems seems more convenient, it will only crush the stem. You should note that the best tool that every florist in Singapore often uses is a non-serrated knife with a sharp blade.

When trimming the stem with a non-serrated knife, you should do it at an angle and be sure to include those leaves below the waterline. Otherwise, the water will not be able to seep through the flowers well, and the leaves area will only breed bacteria.

8. You Can Make Your Preservative

If you love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, you will love this. You can make flower preservation with what you have at home, such as soda, apple cider vinegar, and sugar.

Here are the recipes you need to follow.

  • Sofa
    • ¼ cup of clear soda and mix it with the water of the flower vase
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and sugar
    • Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and sugar each after cutting the flowers and placing them inside a vase

9. Misting Works Wonder

If you remember any movie that shows a glimpse of a florist misting the flower at a flower shop, that is happening in real life. Every flower shop, especially with delivery in Singapore, does this so their flowers will last a long time. That is possible since the water from the leaves seeps through the flowers, helping them become moist inside out.

10. Remove Dying Flowers Can Help Save Others

Like fruits, dying flowers can also affect those healthy ones. If you do not remove it soon, you can expect the rest to wilt in a few hours or days.

<img src=”” alt=”a-person-removing-wilt-flowers-from-fresh-ones” border=”0″ />

11. Cut Flowers Shorter For Longer Lifespan

Flowers with shorter stems tend to bloom longer since the water from the vase does not have to travel far from the blossoms.

12. Keep Flowers Away From Appliances

You have to since the heat from these appliances can dehydrate the flowers, causing them to wilt much faster. It can happen even if you place it inside a flower vase with enough water.

What Is The Most Important Of All Florist Secrets?

Applying these best secrets from a florist in Singapore can help you get the most out of the flowers you purchase. Instead of seven to twelve days, you can expect them to last much longer, so you will have more time to appreciate their beauty.

Letting those people who often get flower delivery will be able to enjoy the beautiful bouquet you will be sending them in the future. They might be able to share these secrets with the other people they know or plan to send flowers.

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