Six Tips to Keep in Mind Before Starting to Trade Cryptocurrency


Learning cryptocurrency trading is fun and anybody can do it. Some crypto traders started without lots of money; however, after getting two wins under their belt, they can easily dump money into investments recklessly. Although trading lets you make money, you must be careful, especially if you are new to it. Before you start trading, consider the tips below:

Secure your Accounts

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you are responsible for securing your accounts which usually starts with your email address. If your exchange account is compromised, you will lose all your investments. To secure your accounts, use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication for your email address. 

Look for a Reputable Exchange

Before you choose a cryptocurrency exchange, get recommendations from those who have used the service. Keep in mind that many exchanges have gone bankrupt after being hacked and never got back. Trade now if you have found an established trustworthy platform to do your trading on that is transparent with their team. Look up reviews or find active communities on forums to get the best recommendations. 

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Use Only the Methods you Understand

When trading cryptocurrency, you should learn at least the basics of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Take your time learning how the market works and what your desired asset has to offer. Use these within your abilities and do not use methods you don’t understand yet. In case there is something you have to understand, there are lots of blogs and Youtube tutorials to help you understand. 

Invest Only what you Can Afford

Getting a few wins can make you proud of your achievements; however, you should not let this go to your head. Those wins might just be pure luck and you must stay mindful of how much to invest. A lot of traders took out loans or invested their rent money when the crypto experienced a boom; however, this only resulted in disaster. Avoid investing what you cannot afford to lose. With crypto trading, you don’t really have to start big. Just set aside a small amount every week for trading and see your portfolio growing slowly. Remember that a lot of traders make money on several small price bumps instead of a single big bump. 

Avoid Trading Traps

Cryptocurrency is  remittance unregulated which leaves rooms for fraudulent individuals to perform shady practices. Learn trading skills for yourself instead of getting caught on get-rich-quickly schemes. Although a number of signals might be real, you might not be able to easily identify these or use real ones if you are new to cryptocurrency trading. It’s important to learn to analyze instead.

Know How to Get Out

The majority of traders fail because they do not know how to get out of a bad trading situation. It’s important to set profit goals and stick to them so that you don’t end up watching your gains vanishing before your eyes. There might be times when it is best to sell or you don’t make a profit at all. Know how to get out right away before it is too late.