Some Benefits of Beard Growth Oil


If there is one product to invest in to moisturize, hydrate and maintain your beard quality, it is beard growth oil. A slight quantity of beard oil can help you calm your beard dandruff, tame the flying hair. They come with essential oil to work as a natural cologne for your beard. Yes, it is the perfect mix of natural carrier oils and essential oils which leads to the formation of an effective beard growth oil.

Role of beard oil

In simple words, it helps in growth and maintenance of your beard. Dab some oil on your beard to make it less dry and scraggly. It helps to release tangles and get soft and manageable beard out of your straw like mane. But is beard growth oil important?

Well, if you have brilliant genetics and have thick hair without any dandruff or dryness, then you can live without beard oil. But are you that lucky?

You see it is not just about having facial hair growth. if you have scattered growth or your beard is dry or has dandruff or is mal-nourished, then a beard growth oil proves to be your ultimate savior. It helps to eliminate split ends, wipe out itchiness and dandruff and get a more presentable look for you.

Benefits of beard growth oil

It helps in rescuing your beard from itchiness and dry skin

So, you have started growing your beard and it’s over a month now. If you feel the need to constantly scratch your beard and run your hands through it, then you are facing common beard itch. Sometimes it may reach to the extent that you may want to pull your beard hair out. This is when beard oil comes to your rescue and frees you from itching. Very soon your itching will end your free mane will get tamed down. 

Beard hair follicles are placed in the sebaceous glands that produce an oil to cover the follicle. As your beard grows and starts getting longer, the sebum produced isn’t enough to render moisture to the full beard. Thus, beard growth oil nourishes and coats your hair follicles and moisturizes the skin below the beard.

Beard growth oil for patchy beards

Do you want to grow your beard but you see bald spot here and there where literally no hair growth is visible? Last thing you want for yourself is patchy beard. So, there are some factors to a patchy beard like beard dandruff, dry skin and some skin conditions. 

The main reasons why bald spots happen is because the skin where the beard is growing is not healthy or the hair follicles have a tough time growing and thriving. Beard growth oil have healing and medicinal properties which can moisturize the facial skin and wipe out the symptoms which prohibits hair follicles from developing such as dandruff, itchiness and dry skin. It heals the hair follicles and leads to healthier and less patchy growth bringing fuller beard for you.

Apart from it, you can use it for styling too.