Synthetic Carpet


Pros and cons

Carpets are a welcome addition to our homes. Rugs are used as decorative floorings at our places. Although many new types of floorings have been introduced but carpets never lose their place. Many types of flooring, like vinyl and rubber, have replaced carpets due to their benefits, but carpets didn’t lose their home.

Many people still prefer rugs as flooring choice around their homes and offices. Because it provided you with many benefits like comfort softness, insulation and finished look. No matter how much effort you have put in decorating your house carpets decide the authenticity of your style and décor. Mats are not only décor items, but they also provide us with tons of benefits like comfort and warmth. Carpets are not handmade and straightforward as they were in the past. Now the rugs industry has evolved totally. You may find different types, varieties and designs in the market for you to select.

When you may visit the market, selection depends on many things. For instance, range depends on budget, then if you are allergic or have a sensitivity issue that might narrow down the choice more. After all this, the last and most complicated thing which is left behind is the selection between two different types of carpets. At this point, you can apply all your previous filters and select according to your needs and style requirements. Generally, carpets are divided into two categories, then further in more sub-categories, which are:

  • Natural Fiber carpets and
  • Synthetic Carpets.

Here I will discuss the pros and cons of synthetic carpets which might help you in the purchase of rugs in future.

What is synthetic Carpet?

Synthetic materials are those who are not found in nature. They are made from machines and different chemical compounds. Synthetic fibers are available into different types like Nylon, polyester and Polypropylene. Synthetic carpets are quite a popular choice these days due to the wide variety of color and designs, and also synthetic carpets are much cheaper than natural fiber and handmade carpets. The pros and cons of synthetic rugs are:


  • Durable: The first reason to choose any Carpet is its durability. Many carpets indeed look pretty, but they are not durable enough while others are strong. Synthetic Carpets are durable and long-lasting types. Synthetic rugs are resistant to abrasions and quickly return to their place even after being crushed for a long time.
  • Easy Cleaning: Synthetic mats have low absorption, which makes them less prone to stains and do not develop mildew or mould. They are easy to clean and a pure vacuum a day keeps it new for an extended period.
  • Anti-Stain feature: Nylon carpets carry a naturally anti-stain trait. That makes it a perfect choice for the children bedroom or play area. Dyed nylon rugs are durable built, and their color does not fade quickly, even in sunlight. For this reason, nylon rugs are also popular as outdoor carpets. Nylon carpets are not as cheap as other synthetic rugs, but their durability and low color fading ability make it worth giving a try.
  • Modern choice: If you are looking for flooring which is current and not heavy on your pockets then synthetic carpets can be the best choice for you. Synthetic rugs are also available in different colors to match the décor of your house.
  • Cost: Synthetic Rugs are much cheaper than natural fiber carpets. Not only are they less expensive, their cleaning and maintenance is also shallow and comfortable as compared to natural fibers.


  • Few types of synthetic mats like polyester rugs might get marked easily from furniture and foot traffic.
  • Synthetic carpets have a low absorption due to which they can’t filter indoor air quality.
  • Another issue is they don’t insulate temperature so the carpet might be hot in summer and cold in winter.

If you select synthetic Carpet of good quality like Nylon you don’t have to encounter cons and get benefit all in all. There is no doubt that synthetic carpets are a practical choice in busy lives. Synthetic carpets are easy to clean, durable and low in maintenance which fits with the modern lifestyle.