Tesla Motors Strategic Marketing Planning


Tesla Motors Strategic Marketing Planning Marketing Objectives As stated in Tesla’s Registration Statement, the company’s primary marketing objectives are (1) Sales that drive demand for cars and direct customers to potential team customers; (2) They build brand awareness over the long term and manage corporate reputation. (3) Manage existing customer bases to retain and report on them. (4) Allows customers to participate in the product development process.

Tesla’s marketing plans primarily reflect the strategic marketing of Apple Computer (“Apple”) for Macintosh computers and the implementation of the Gulf Bridge marketing strategy, which combines high prices and limited production. The success of Apple’s Macintosh line of computers prepares for significant growth and expansion in its product lineup, including the world’s leading hardware products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, as well as advanced software products such as Mac OS X operating system, iTunes multimedia browser, iWork productivity software. Apple currently holds a significant 3% market share in the computer hardware sector, operates 301 retail stores in 10 countries, and an online store that also sells its products.

Factors in increasing share price of NASDAQ TSLA

In May 2011, Apple surpassed Microsoft and Google as the world’s most valuable tech companies with an estimated brand value of $ 153 billion. Apple sold the Apple II very successfully to computer enthusiasts, but it was clear that its continued growth would depend on reaching a wider consumer segment. While these markets are nowhere near fully saturated, sales growth is limited. According to the IEA, sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase by 7% by 2020. This trend needs to be confirmed in order to reduce production costs and increase production.

TOYOTA Motors will then set up a joint venture with the company and participate in the development of electric vehicles with an investment of around USD 50 million. In 2012, TESLA started a project to build a charging station with which every TESLA vehicle owner can charge their vehicle for free and make the Model X available to the public. Early the following year, TESLA had a tough time with stock prices falling, but later that year the company raised $ 11 million and used it to pay off some of its debt. Tesla sold 2 million bonds to raise money to build a plant in Giga and pioneered the idea of ​​semi-autonomous driving. These factors helped increase the share price of NASDAQ TSLA and profitability over the long run. For these reasons NASDAQ TSLA has become attractive and remained attractive to the investors. You can check its income statement at https://www.webull.com/income-statement/nasdaq-tsla before the stock trading for amazon.

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