The Benefits of Social Media Analysis


What is Social Media Analysis?

Essentially, social media analysis is the process of gathering data from social media accounts. This data is then used to make conclusions about a business’s audience and their responses. There is a plethora of benefits to this process, although it is difficult to generate and find these analytics without the proper tools. Businesses that want to succeed and grow in digital spaces utilize these tools and methods daily.

What Are Its Benefits?

  1. One of the greatest benefits analyzing a company’s social media accounts is to create a better understanding of their audience. Looking at audience engagement can help a company decide what the best time and day to share pictures are, based on past trends in that industry. While this seems small, driving engagement through timing of posts can make a massive difference in sales. Increasing post reach is the aim of most social media campaigns and this is one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal.
  2. Using social media analysis tools can help businesses pick the best tools for their industry or niche. Facebook and Instagram have the largest user bases, but they may not be the best choice for every business. Experimenting with posts on different sites can help business owners determine which sites provide the highest level of engagement.
  3. In conjunction with the last tip, analytics can help companies craft better content. This is an obvious way to increase interaction, as more customers will be drawn in if the content is engaging. It can be difficult, however, to create better content if businesses don’t know what audiences are looking for. Performance analytics will provide details and statistics on the best performing posts, allowing those qualities to be emulated in subsequent posts.
  4. Social media analysis allows businesses to better understand their competitors. Good social media tools will allow businesses to look at the performance data for their competitors campaigns. By analyzing companies in the same industry, mistakes can be avoided before they are made.
  5. Regardless of industry, mistakes are going to occur. Businesses will likely test several methods before finding one that works well. Using social media analytics, they can learn from mistakes better than they would otherwise. This information will contribute to better strategies, faster. Even after a good strategy is found, it can always be optimized. Quality social media tools will make it easier to tweak the methods used for greater reach and engagement.
  6. Finally, social media tools can provide data in real time. This is useful for two primary reasons. Firstly, it allows live tracking of a campaign. Thus, tweaks and changes can be made while the campaign is still in progress, leading to potentially better results. Following this, it helps businesses better manage crises that may affect their public image. Tracking tools allow certain keywords to cause alerts. Thus, companies are alerted to crises before they go viral.

Using Netbase for Social Media Analytics

Netbase is a social media analysis platform. Their expert-created and specialized software gives businesses the tools they need to assess their social media accounts. Intelligently designed programs help companies get the most out of the hard-to-understand analytics reports that are generated by social media sites. Being able to interpret this data is incredibly helpful when trying grow a company. Netbase’s software allows users to aggregate data from multiple social media sites into one report. This makes data easier to read and understand. Finally, they offer a scalable range of social media solutions, making it accessible for companies of all sizes to assess their social media accounts.