The consciousness to the divine feminine



The women are the immortal portal to every life on earth. She is the giver of life and capable of destroying it. The destruction sometimes happens with ignorance. Not the ignorance of the women but the ignorance of the people around her. The ignorance against educating a girl child is a prominent problem in India.

Even though the rate of girls education in India has increased over the past years, there are still a few areas of the country that isn’t aware of girls education in India. These areas are far out of reach of the modern world still untouched by technology. These remote areas of the country have no knowledge of girls education in India.  Here girls are married at a very young age because they still have no awareness about girls education in India. 

Status quo of girls education in India:

At present, the percentage of literacy rate of girls education in India is around 64 percentage. The states with the highest girls education in India are Kerala, Goa, Mizoram. And states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andra have a large number of women entrepreneurs apart from the girls education in India. However, the country’s overall girls education in India is only 64 per cent which is not sufficient for the successful education of a country. The states with lowest girls education in India are Kashmir, Jharkhand and the state of Rajasthan.  

The common quirks of this situation of girls education in India:

One of the main reasons for the lack of girls education in India is basically ignored. Of course, there may be some opinions that the male chauvinistic society is a major reason. But when we dig deeper as to what really affects girls education in India we can see that the women themselves seem ignorant to new changes and when offered the opportunity they withdraw from it. 

The second reason is definitely the domination of the male over their wives of children when it comes to girls education in India. The women of the household are suppressed to work and do chores for the men. This reduces the rate of girls education in India. 

The other reasons include the women being unaware of the facilities given to them to improve girls education in India. The government has implemented various schemes to encourage women to get educated. And in some villages, there are a lot of starting schools which are implemented to increase girls education in India. 

Perks of improving girls education in India:

Educating a girl child not only helps her but also the society in many ways. When a man is educated he serves his family and surrounding. But when a girl is educated she serves the entire generation. An entire generation can be changed by improving girls education in India.

An educated girl can live independently without depending on others for her livelihood. She can educate her children with her knowledge. Hence girls education in India is very important for the country in the current progress of the nation.