The Entrepreneur’s Guide To IT Managed Services in Singapore


Information and technology is not a mere set of desktops and entangled wires. Well, basically, the first mechanical computer started as a humongous machine that occupied an entire room yet with little capacity. Just imagine the IT maintenance services it would get in Singapore if computer hardware remains in that enormous size.

Today, computers have become compact yet are so powerful that they fuel the entire operation of a business. Is there a single successful company today that relies entirely on manual work? Operations today, from corporate to health and medicine down to the military, use IT services.

Many leading brands today rely on their in-house cloud service provider in Singapore to support their operations. On the other hand, smaller businesses rely on IT managed services. But first, we must understand what IT is and what IT managed services are.

An Introduction to IT Managed Services

Before we dive into IT managed services and their types, we must learn what IT is. So, what exactly is IT?

Information Technology, commonly known as IT, is the study, implementation, and management of computer-based information and its infrastructure.

Basically, IT, in all use, utilises hardware and software to create, process, store, access, exchange, and secure forms of electronic data.

What are hardware and software? Hardware refers to the physical devices and tools used in IT. Examples of hardware are your very own laptops and desktops, hard disk drives, routers, and so on.

On the flip side, the software is a non-physical set of instructions that tells your computer how to operate and function. The two types of software are system software and applications.

Microsoft Windows, Android, and macOS are examples of system software. On the other hand, internet browsers, like Chrome and office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint fromMicrosoft Office 365 in Singaporeare examples of applications.

Personal use of IT is easier to maintain. However, the use of IT on a larger scale, like for business operations, may require in-depth IT maintenance services in Singapore.

What is IT Managed Service?

In this era, all operations rely on IT. Have you ever seen an office without a computer today? Corporations use desktops and an internet connection to communicate, store information, and run websites and other online services.

Companies have their in-house IT teams to maintain the privacy, security, efficiency, and dynamic functions of the corporate’s private IT system and infrastructure.

On the other hand, some corporations opt forIT managed services. What is an IT managed service?

IT managed service is a third-party service that provides the client IT infrastructure and technical support. Companies without an in-house IT team hire an IT company in Singapore for IT managed services, while others still partner with a third-party IT company in Singapore to provide extra support for their in-house team.

What Are The Different Types Of IT Managed Services?

An IT company in Singapore provides several IT services for businesses. These are the most common services entrepreneurs get from IT managed services.

Cloud Services and Infrastructure


Cloud is a server that stores and computes all electronic data uploaded to it. People can remotely access electronic data stored in the cloud through the internet. Think of it as a non-physical hard drive that is not directly connected to your computer.

For example, if you store a picture in a local drive, let’s say your smartphone, once the phone is destroyed, you can’t access that photo anymore.

If you choose to store the picture in the cloud using Instagram, Google Drive or any application that uses cloud service, you can still access the image remotely with a different device. You only need an internet connection and access to the application account.

It applies to any type of electronic data, from harmless images to sensitive information. Corporations hire acloud service provider in Singapore to manage their cloud services and infrastructure.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

AnIT company in Singaporeprovides companies with software platforms for exclusive use. The best examples of these software platforms and applications like anti-virus software and Microsoft office 365 in Singapore. These services are typically subscription-based.

Backup and Storage

Of course, not all electronic data is safe. Sometimes, crashes in IT systems cause all data deletion. Hackers who gain access to these data delete all information as a form of cyber attack.

IT maintenance services in Singapore ensure that all of the company’s electronic data have a backup in case of cyberattacks. They also provide storage options like cloud services or physical servers and drives. They also manage this storage, ensuring there is no duplicate data that may impact the performance of storage services.


To prevent cyberattacks, included in theIT maintenance services of an IT company inSingaporeis security. IT companies provide updated stringent security solutions, such as anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software.

Although IT managed services are ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs should be aware of the challenges they may encounter during their partnership with an IT company in Singapore.


IT Managed Service Challenges


An IT company in Singaporemay not be able to deliver the IT needs of their client if it has outgrown them. A growing company may need a larger scale IT service to meet the increasing demand.

Cybersecurity Measures

YourIT company in Singapore needs to have up to date cybersecurity measures to prevent sophisticated data breaches and cyberattacks. If your IT managed services do not update their security solutions, it is time to find a better one.


The primary goal of yourIT maintenance services in Singaporeis to maintain your IT network and infrastructure’s efficiency. If your business experiences frequent crashes, troubles, outages, and downtimes, it is time to switch providers.


Lastly, if your IT network and infrastructure have poor performance, it is the responsibility of yourIT company in Singapore to craft strategies to make it better. There should be technical assessment in the process, concrete planning, and resolution.

IT is essential in ramping up business operations. Start-up businesses that are still incapable of having an in-house team lean on a reputable IT company in Singaporefor IT managed services to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

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