The Ultimate Guide for Traveling to South America: Tips & Tricks


Are you planning to travel around South America? Well, at first you may think it’s confusing since you’ll be considering several factors including a sheer number of incredible things to see and do across this beautiful continent. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll surely be mesmerized with its vibrant culture and fascinating history, colonial architectures, stunning natural landscapes, incredible wildlife, and a language that is comparatively easy to learn. And yes, traveling here won’t cost you a lot. You can travel here in a much longer duration than in other destinations. Traveling to South America has been included on every seasoned travelers’ bucket list. Why? Because here, you can go on mountain climbing, or sunbathing on the beach, or even discover ancient civilizations, whatever it is that you’re looking for, South America will always offer something that suits everyone’s preference. Looking for one of the best carriers for your upcoming getaway? There’s Cape Air, it will be your wings as you fly to these exciting destinations. No need to worry and forget about the hassle of traveling. You’ll reach your desired destination safely and on time. When it comes to planning, packing wisely and the selection of the best locations to be visited and things that must experience, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an ultimate guide to everything you need to plan for your much-awaited trip.

Tips about traveling to South America

It is recommended that you should start either from north to south or south to north. Meaning to say, you’ll commence in Colombia or go south in Buenos Aires or Santiago. To give you an idea, traveling around Chile and Argentina are not that cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, you can just stay here for a short period and visit other destinations like Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador that are particularly cheaper and is also reasonable. Majority of the backpackers allocated around $40 per day since they are traveling across the country. Still, your expenses will depend on the place where you choose to stay, how much you’re going to spend on foods and drinks, and also, the number of tours and activities that you want to get involved in. As you fly to South America, you can make use of flightstatus24 to access significant information about your flight. It is one of the world’s most popular flight tracking system that will give you a real-time update and notification conveniently and easily.

Things to do before traveling to South America

We all know that packing for your upcoming trip is a bit critical since you need to analyze what to take and what is not essential.

Learning the language: The internet offers a wide range of lessons if you’re eager to learn Spanish. Before flying to the said destination, it is advisable to learn more phrases or words possible and your life will be easier.

Get travel insurance: Make sure that you’re protected whenever you travel. It can be against trip cancellations, theft, and illness name a few.

Passports and Visas: You’ll need a passport if you’re going outside of your country of residence which should be valid for six months after arrival. When it comes to visa, each country has a different requirement and may require the traveler to apply in advance with a corresponding fee.

Decide what to pack: At South America, the climate is unpredictable and it can drastically change between cities. If you’re traveling during the rainy season, be sure to plan accordingly. Bring only the things that are needed. Eliminate those who will just add up some weight on your luggage. For electronics, be sure to bring with you a universal adapter since one adapter will surely not work for all the countries.

Use your time wisely: Travelling here is not that easy as being compared to those European countries. To give you a few geographical facts, Brazil is on the fifth spot when it comes to the largest country in the world and Argentina falls on the eight. If you’re traveling for just a week, it is recommended that you stick with one country. If not, you’ll just waste for most of your time boarding planes which are also expensive.

Define your budget: As being said, your budget will depend on the type of accommodation that you will choose, and the frequency and cost of food and drinks that you’ll willing to spend. If you want to at least save money, it is recommended that you booked and paid for your travel needs in advance such as accommodation, airfare and even the tours that you want to participate in. And then, you can now allot money for souvenirs, food, and local transport to name a few. Staying at Airbnb is one great option If you want to save money.

Top tourist destination and the best time to visit

Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, Peru: The best time to visit this destination is during the dry season which can be from May to October. Be sure to book your permits at least two or three months before your trip.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Being a tropical city, expect a hot and humid temperature. It is recommended to go here during autumn which is from March to May or spring season which falls in September and October.

Get your Samba on: If you want to experience the world’s greatest party, be sure to plan ahead of time and booked your Sambadrome tickets.

Uyuni, Bolivia: If you want to see the flats when they are wet, it is suggested that you visit in March or April. But if talking about the best climate, head over here from July until October.

Iguazu Falls: The best time to visit here is during May and September when crowds are still manageable and the skies are still sunny.

Atacama Desert, Chile: Due to its location, the climate rarely changes. The weather here is cool for the dessert. It is recommended to visit the place from September to November or March to May during the lean season.