Things to know when buying New Tires for your Car

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Buying new tires for a car possesses different questions in a vehicle owner’s mind. Thus, it is essential for you to know about a few things when it comes to purchasing a new set of tire. Keeping below mentioned points in mind will enable an individual to remove all doubts and queries and get the best possible tire set. Visit Meridian new tires shop to buy a set but first gather knowledge about a few things like:

  • Tire size
  • Info about tread wear
  • Speed rating

Take a look!

  1. Tire size

When an individual chooses to replace tires of a vehicle, it is crucial to get new ones in the perfect size. For this knowledge about size used for a vehicle is must. Tire sizes of light weighing trucks and cars are usually given in series of letters and short number; for example 346/40-R19.

The first number given in example, shows tire width in millimeters at widest point. After slash number indicates aspect ratio meaning how tall is a sidewall as width’s percentage. If the number is higher, then sidewall is taller. Squat tires that are equipped in muscle and sports cars are known as tires with low-profile and generally their aspect ratio is 30-40. This aspect ratio goes up for SUVs and sedans and is in-between range or 45-60 or taller.

Lastly, the final part of this number series refers to wheel’s diameter in inches on which a tire will be mounted. The “R” present in the number series refers to radial tire that is virtually most tires of present times.

  1. Information about tread wear

Two information pieces aid in acquiring estimated data about how many km/miles can be expected from a new tire set; these are warranty for tire mileage and rating of tread wear. In number format tread-wear score/rating is listed on sidewall of a tire after inscribed “tread-wear” word. Higher number indicates that the tire will last longer. However, tests involved in determining tread-wear aren’t accurate, which is why ample variability is found in such numbers.

Therefore, measuring tire life through the mileage warranty is always a better approach. Not all, but most tire manufacturers offer such warranty along with defect/manufacturing quality warranties. Such information is available online or in marketing materials of a tire manufacturer. If confused, talk to experts on new tires near Meridian.

  • Speed rating

Also, speed rating is something one should keep in mind when buying new set of tires. Speed rating offers an insight into how long and how fast can they safely go, as well as potential tires’ overall performance. High-performance vehicles’ tires’ speed rating would always be higher than SUVS, family sedans, etc. Speed rating is inscribed on tire with alpha-numeric digits following tire size immediately.

These three are the primary things to keep in mind when opting to buy a new tire set. Always remember that get the correct set of tires for your car is crucial and thus, no mistake should be made in choosing them when replacing the old ones.