Top 3 Most Exciting Tech Trends in Africa


You might be aware of the fact that a decade ago mobile phones started the beginning of Africa’s tech wave. Moreover, the trend got ignited up with the arrival of mobile money. You can also say that the mobile revolution has an application, which has changed the lives of people in this modern era. It has been noticed that the investors, as well as entrepreneurs, are building the foundation of the tech ecosystem. You can also find all such related information in tech news, Africa. Mentioned below are the top three most exciting tech trends in Africa. They are:

Blockchain Drives Solutions Across Different Sectors

Crypto-currency is one of the well-known applications of blockchain. No one can deny the fact that trust is very hard to come from a citizen of Africa. The reason behind it is that citizens express more faith in some of the informal institutions like the traditional as well as a religious leader, not the formal ones. Even though there had been an increase in this particular tech trend in Africa. In addition to it, you can say clearly that Africa’s money is going digital. In the coming years, you can see that there is going to be a great impact in sectors such as digital identity, legal contracts and etc. You can also find this information in tech news Africa

Increase In Corporate Investment For African Technology

It can be said that Africa’s late arrival into the digital economy is a significant opportunity in disguise. The reason behind it is that there had been a rapidly expanding population that needs new technology to solve the problems coming to them. Thus, it can be said that start-ups gain access to mentorship and also a larger customer base. In other words, the expansion of investment is an early-stage African tech trend in the market. You can find that even small corporate will start to think about the innovation strategy that is left behind. 

Global Tech Brand Adopting A Local Approach

Everyone knows that majority of the world’s population now lives in Africa, Asia and, Latin America. This region also emerges as the future of the world’s growth and this is the main reason why the global brands are in a race to capture the developing world consumers. The tech giants are now launching the apps, especially for this region’s needs, so that they could meet the demand of locals.