Top 5 Women’s Casual Tops You Can Wear to Office


Friday has arrived! The one day that allows you to dress up in something more laid back than the other days. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Instead, it can get a little confusing. 

You cannot forget your etiquette while dressing up for a casual Friday at the office. It is necessary that you know what workplace casual Friday attire entails. You do not want to end up looking like a fool. 

To save you from all the embarrassment, we have curated a list of the five best different designs and styles ladies top for a casual Friday at work. 

Read ahead to know more. 

Printed Tunic 

A printed collared tunic paired with slim-fit pants will give you the perfect semi-formal look for a Friday at work. However, make sure it is a long sleeve or at least a half sleeve top. A tunic tank top might not be suitable for an office environment. Also, it must be a tunic long top and not a crop top. Additionally, it would be best if you bought a subtle print or something minimalistic. You can go for faint stripes or minimal, tiny polka dots. You can wear belly shoes with this attire to keep a little formal going. 

Bell Sleeve Top

A bell sleeve stop is a perfect semi-formal yet stylish top. But make sure it is not a fancy top. Please keep it simple. Buy in solid colors and thick fabrics. You can wear this top with straight-leg pants and casual footwear. Also, make sure you don’t accessorize over the top, as the sleeves are already acting like an accessory.  

Bow Top 

A bow tie near the neck can accentuate your appearance instantly. This top is versatile and can be worn with skinny-fit jeans. It is also perfect for your Friday after-work parties. However, make sure that you don’t buy poppy colors. Stick to subtle hues. Also, try avoiding a bow lace top. 

Buttoned Top 

There is a wide range of buttoned designer tops. Buttons add an elegant statement to the outfit. Check for round neck tops with buttons on shopping sites. These tops are comfortable, casual, and office-appropriate. 

However, while buying women’s buttoned tops, avoid the subcategory of cold shoulder tops. These are not suitable in a workspace. 

Turtleneck Top 

A solid or minimal printed turtle neck top is a must for Friday casuals at the office. You can either wear a full sleeve or a mid-sleeve turtleneck tee. It has a sophisticated look that suits the office environment. Don’t overdo this outfit by accessorizing it. Keep it simple and chic. 

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Happy Shopping!