Vacation at Kabini: Where to visit in 2021?


You may have planned to visit the beautiful place of Kabini. But then you need to be aware of evolve back kabini locational benefits and what to cover in this area during your trip. Kapila also referred to as Kabini is considered to be an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and casual travellers. It is located on River Kabini’s banks and is surrounded by lush greenery, diverse wildlife and exquisite waterfalls. You are sure to feel refreshed and feel lively again.

This place was once the popular hunting grounds for the Mysore Maharajas and British Viceroys. It is also among Karnataka state’s best wildlife sanctuaries and is visited by tourists almost throughout the year. River Kabini emerges from Kerala state’s Wayanad District flowing eastwards. The streams of this river have given birth to several magical backwaters and reservoirs.

Kabini is endowed with a beautiful landscape along with natural scenic beauty that compels nature enthusiasts from all over the country and the world to visit this place. With advance planning, you may enjoy the Jungle Safari considered to be a popular tourist attraction here.

Top places you must visit during the trip

  • Kabini River: If you want to spend your time relaxing and watching the lush greenery around, the banks of this river do make wonderful picnic spot. You can also indulge boating offered on its backwaters and derive a dreamlike experience. The backdrop is filled with jaw dropping scenic views that you can never forget. You may also get to see some wild animals in its natural habitat, flying and chirping birds as well as the sky’s changing hues. Everything here appears surreal and magical. Besides boating and refreshing views, you can also get to experience Coracle rides. It is located in Kerala’s Wayanad District and open from am to 6pm on all days. You can enter this place without having to pay any entry fee and spend an hour here. The best time to enjoy boating at this river is during sunrise or sunset hours.
  • Nagarhole National Park: It is also called Rajiv Gandhi National Park. This park is considered to be among the very best breeding grounds in the world especially for Wild Asian Elephants. It is rather enveloped by dense, thick forests as well as adorned by mesmerizing waterfalls and valleys. It is home to the four horned antelopes, Indian bison, hyenas, porcupines, gaurs and other animal species. You may come across rare bird species such as the Malabar trogons, Malabar pied hornbills, crested hawk eagles and white backed vultures, etc. Besides this, you are sure to be fascinated by the rich tree plantation that is abundant here like silver oak, sandalwood, teak, rosewood, etc. This national park is spread over an area of about 247 miles and is considered to be part of ‘Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’. It is located at Hunsur, Mysore-Madikeria Road. It is open from 6 to 9am and again from 4 to 6.30pm on all days. There is an entry fee for locals and foreign tourists alike. The ideal duration to spend here is around 3-4 hours. You need to wear comfortable pair of shoes, clothes and carry water bottles.
  • Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary boasts of being home to rare flora and fauna species. It is located on River Kabini’s banks and is popular for its awe-inspiring diversity. This place is rather spread over an area of about 55 acres and has lush greenery all around while being a part of the well-known Nagarhole National Park. It houses over 250+ bird species. However, it is the presence of highly endangered birds like the Malabar pied hornbills, crested hawk eagles and white backed vulture that makes it a hotspot for bird enthusiasts. Availing Jungle Safari allows you to visit the depth of the forest and get to see nature’s real beauty. It is open to tourists from 6 to am and 3.30 and 4.30pm. The ideal duration to spend is approximately 1-2 hours. If you are interested to see more wild animals, then you should better select the early morning safari.
  • Kabini Dam: This dam got constructed in 1974 and is considered to be an eye-catching structure. It is built at a height of about 58m while its total length is around 2284 ft. It is located in Mysore district’s Beechanahalli village. Its maximum storage capacity is approximately 17.45 TMC and serves over 14 hamlets and 20 villages in Mysore District. This dam is also a favourite picnic hotspot for locals and tourists to enjoy their weekend getaway or have picnic. The tranquil surroundings are sure to enthral you. There is a dense forest that surrounds the dam and is home to over 250+ bird species. Hence, it is an ideal spot for bird watching. It is located at Heggadadevanakote Taluk, near Beechanahalli village, Mysore. It is open from 10am to 5pm on all days. There is no entry fee charged and the ideal duration to stay is around 1-2 hours. Since nothing is available here, you are expected to carry along water and snacks for refreshment.
  • Rameshwara Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located on River Lakshamana Tirtha’s banks. Devotees visit this temple during Shivaratri and other occasions in huge numbers to seek the blessings of the great lord. It is located at Theranimunti village, Bidarahalli, close to Hosa HD kote. It is open for darshan from 6 to 9am and 4.30 to 6.30pm. You can spend 1-2 hours at this place and gain mental peace and spiritual satisfaction.
  • Kabini Backwater Viewpoint: This is a popular viewpoint for tourists as it allows you to check out the mountains as well as the animals roaming the forest area. With the setting of the sun, the sky’s shades transforms to orangish colour. You can also get to see flock of birds returning to their respective homes. It is located at Kittur (Basapura) and open on all the days. You should carry your camera and binocular to see and capture up close.

Evolve back kabini locational benefits are huge and every day spent here will seem magical!