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Hours of sitting under the shower and submerging in the tub full of water while crying are perhaps two of the most cliche scenes in movies and drama shows. There are particular points in our lives where we want to do the same. We let the water run relentlessly from bathroom taps in Singapore so the noise would drown the howlings. But in today’s situation, it may be irresponsible to do it.

Freshwater, although renewable and replenishable, needs to be conserved. Firstly, it takes tedious processes to filter water and distribute it to the community. These processes emit a carbon footprint. The more we consume clean water irresponsibly, the more tireless water companies have to work to meet the demand.

Secondly, it is harder for some regions of the Earth to replenish groundwater. People in these regions must conserve water to prevent scarcity.

Lastly, scarcity in freshwater supply could lead to skyrocketing prices.

There are multiple ways to conserve clean water, such as recycling used water and creating more reservoirs for rainwater. But what ordinary people can do to save this resource is use water-conservingbathroom accessories in Singapore.

Water-Conserving Bathroom Accessories In Singapore

Households use water for various purposes. People use water for cooking, doing the laundry, watering the plants, and bathing. But perhaps, the bathroom is the area in the house that uses water the most.

Manufacturers have invented ways to reduce water use in bathrooms by designing water-conserving bathroom accessories in Singapore.

Here are some examples of water-saving bathroom accessories:

Water-saving showers

People love to shower, but using buckets of water when taking a bath is more water-conserving than the shower.

Showers release an average of 2.1 gallons of water per minute. If you shower for eight minutes, you use 16.8 gallons of water per bath.

On top of showers, a standard tub needs at least 80 gallons to fill up.

On the other hand, bathing using a bucket only needs at least 10 gallons of water.

Besides the staggering difference in water consumption, showers also use more energy in pumping and heating water.

Water-conserving bathroom accessories in Singapore include water-saving and energy-saving showerheads. But what makes these showerheads different from the others?

Firstly, water-conserving showerheads reduce water flow per minute. For example, if a regular shower releases 2.1 gallons of water per minute, the water-saving ones reduce it by 1 gallon. You have decreased your water consumption by half!

Secondly, water-saving shower heads aerate the water flow. It increases the pressure and makes each droplet larger; it gives a more vast surface area and coverage. Therefore, the person has the same showering experience even with reduced water flow.

Lastly, modern showers have water cut nozzle technology. This feature allows the user to cut the water flow whilst soaping. Water cut nozzles are also applicable tobathroom taps in Singapore.

Water-saving taps and faucets

Like how water-conserving showerheads work, water-saving taps on wash basins in Singapore also use the aerator technology to reduce water consumption.

Firstly, these modern bathroom taps in Singapore decrease the water flow per minute, almost cutting the gallons of water they release by half.

Secondly, it retains the jet pressure of water despite the decrease in water flow, giving the same faucet experience.

Generally, the flow rate ofbathroom taps in Singapore is different from kitchen faucets. For example, if the bathroom taps release 3.5 litres of water per minute (lpm), the kitchen taps discharge 7 litres per minute.

The staggering gap is due to the function difference between the two faucets. Because water-saving bathroom taps have a lower lpm rate, they take a longer time to fill up wash basins in Singapore.

It is unideal for kitchen faucets that need to fill up deep pots, kettles, and pitchers every day.

Water-saving toilet


The toilet is one of the most excessive water users in our households. Toilets become wasteful of water in two primary ways; excessive water use and toilet leaks.

Older toilets use an average of 12 litres of water per flush, whether for urine or faeces. If a person uses a toilet ten times a day, they spend 31 gallons of water per day.

On top of excessive water use, undetected toilet leaks also waste clean water! When the toilet tank overflows due to leaks, the clean water will go from the tank straight to the drain.

Water-saving toilets have been around for several years. Dual-flush technology is one of thetoilet flush systems used to conserve water.

In a dual flush system, the toilet has two flush triggers. One trigger for urine and one for faeces. The difference between the two triggers is the amount of water it produces.

By standard, the trigger for urine uses three litres of water, whilst a full flush or the button for faeces uses six litres of water.

These dual toilet flush systems cut water consumption by half or more compared to the older toilet flush systems.

Hot water recirculation system

Have you ever stepped out of the shower for minutes to wait for the hot water before going back in? Have you ever wondered how many litres of cold water you wasted waiting for the lukewarm one?

The hot water recirculation system eliminates this waiting time and water wastage by producing hot water quickly. Although this system is not one of thebathroom accessories in Singapore, having one conserves water.


We don’t need to cut short our relaxing bath time to reduce water consumption. Using these water-conserving bathroom accessories in Singaporehelps us save water without sacrificing our shower experience.

But water-saving toilets andbathroom taps in Singapore are not enough. People must also break habits, including leaving the faucet running while brushing teeth or neglecting shower and tap leaks.

Applying these tips will surely help water conservation.

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