What If My Car Is Hit By An Uninsured Driver?


Car insurance is legally required in every state.

There are still drivers without insurance. According to the Insurance research council, about 1/8 drivers don’t have auto insurance. Even when you are the driver with full insurance and strictly follows the rules and regulation doesn’t mean others also do.

So, there is a possibility that your car might be hit by an uninsured driver. What to do then?

Just take the right steps and consider hiring a skilled Buffalo car accident attorney to help you out, but also follow our tips to handle this situation in the first place.

1.   Call the Police:

When you ask the driver after an accident if he’s insured or not and you get to know he’s not. Then, don’t just leave. Especially when your car got smashed even a bit or you might need a doctor. Call the police. This is the best way to deal with uninsured drivers.

2.   Dig Information:

If they are uninsured then obviously they don’t have insurance information they can give you. But that doesn’t mean you let go of basic information as well. Get their contact and vehicle details. Do ask witnesses for the information regarding the details as well.

3.   Don’t Accept Money:

Since the driver is uninsured he/she might want to settle it with some fines or fees. Don’t fall for that. Don’t let them avoid legal resurrections. You don’t know what your injury or car crash cost will come and how much expensive it can get.

4.   Snap Pictures:

Be smart! Capture snaps of the damage done to your vehicle and the other vehicle as well. This will be solid evidence to your claim. Capture more pictures of the number plate, licence, accident location, nearest famous spot.

All these details will come in handy while filing a claim.

Call Your Insurance!

Now that you have all the information call your insurance company.

Get your insurance card out. And, simply provide all the information and evidence to your insurance company. You are good-to-go now.

In The End:

You must be aware of the right steps to take in such uninsured driving accidental situations.

Don’t panic and just play it wisely. Get the other car you’ve been hit with a side to talk it out and gather all the essential information for yourself. After the evidence, you can let go and contact your insurance company.