What is Speed Dating?


Meeting a new person can be very hard. People are busy and finding time to date may be far-fetched. You get to finally meet a person you are interested in. you go on a date only to find out that you do not share the same interests. You are then back to square one and this can be very mentally exhausting.

Speed dating has become very popular. It aims to give as much exposure as possible to potential suitors. Speed dating works by organizing an event where men and women join to find the perfect suitor. You are provided with a specific amount of time. mostly four to five minutes. You sit as a couple and converse with each other for the specified time, the men then rotate among the tables until they have met all the women.

The moderators then check for matches. Those that have matched are then given contact numbers where they can communicate further. They can organize a second date or talk virtually through any means. Speed dating is better than normal dating in the sense that you get to meet a new date within the shortest time. it is also easy to choose a specific age group making it perfect for singles to meet and socialize.

It is also easier to accept rejection since you have a variety of options. You are therefore able to strike conversations easily and awkward silence is next to impossible given the limited time offered. Speed dating provides a different alternative to what you are normally used to. Get your blood boiling and experience those butterflies of meeting new people.

Dos and don’ts of Speed Dating

Etiquette is essential on any type of date. You want to create the best first impression. You do not want to overdo anything. Just be yourself, dress well, be confident and believe in yourself. Do not set your expectations too high. This will help you to avoid disappointments. These dates are usually fun-filled and can be a perfect way to meet new people.

Speed dating offers limited time; this means that you need to understand what you are after. It helps to have a list of questions prepared. These may revolve around favourite places, movies hobbies and favourite dishes. Be a good listener and look for all signs of shared interests and base your conversations on that.

Is it possible to find the right person in “5” minutes?

Well, the success of speed dating speaks for itself. It is very possible to find the right partner through speed dating events. This is an interesting way to put yourself out there. If you are a believer in destiny, then you should try speed dating. Dating companies have also recently come up with virtual speed dating. It works similarly to speed dating only that there are no live meetups. You meet potential soulmates online. You register for an event at www.naturallydating.com, you are sent a link and when the day comes a date is organized. You can attend the date from the comfort of your home. I guess the future is already here with us.