What To Look For in a Container Rental Company


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If you run a company that requires containers for storage or shipping, youmay want to do business with a container rental company. The rental facility will provide the large containers you need so you can properly sort your items or ship them to the appropriate location. Since the containers are often very large and you may not have room to store them, finding the right rental service is essential.

After you’ve determined which permit regulations are applicable for your region, you’ll need to talk to the rental company after the fees for keeping the container on your property for an extended time period. If you’re working on a large project or you’re moving heavy items from your company location, it may be best to ask the rental company if you can rent the container by the month. If you’re going to need the containers for more than two or three months, there’s a good chance the rental company will offer you a more affordable rate.

If you need to end your contract with the container rental company, you should do so as soon as possible. Make sure you know the terms of terminating the contract so you won’t be charged penalty fees. These fees can add up and may affect your company budget; however, suppliers are often flexible and will adjust the terms of your contract if you provide adequate notice. In some situations, the monthly rental fee may be adjusted according to market value.

The size of the containers will also affect the cost. If you need a container other than a 20 or 40 foot container, you’ll need a custom item. Larger containers are composed of two or more containers welded together, and smaller containers are created by cutting the ends. You can also ask your supplier about getting extra wide containers; the bins will be 10 feet wide instead of 8 feet. The extra two feet makes it easier for you to place two wooden pallets side by side in the container while providing a walkway between the pallets. If you have large or bulky equipment that won’t fit in an 8-foot entrance, extra wide containers are a great option.

You should also make sure that the container rental company is aware of the regulations that come with using the items. For instance, some areas don’t allow containers in or near residential areas, since the containers aren’t visually appealing. The containers also have to be on your property line in most cases, and you can’t use containers that have graffiti on them. You can also ask the container company if you can display your company logo on the containers while you’re using them so people will know that items that don’t belong to your company should not be placed in the bin.

To find the right container facility for you, conduct an online search for companies in your area. Be sure to get a quote from the companies you’re considering and make sure you know what the containers look like before you sign the contract.