WhatsApp Screen Recording & Chat Monitoring Software in 2020


Social networking apps are immensely popular in current times and people love to download multiple social messaging apps and instant messengers on their mobile phones and tablets. WhatsApp has more than a billion activate users and you can see this particular app on everyone’s smartphone device. People use it for plenty of activities and one of these activities is communication. They send and receive text messages, make conversations, make audio-video conversations, share multimedia and also send and receive voice messages.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the world’s no. 1 social media app these days. Therefore, people want to know every single activity happen on the target device installed social app for the sake of online parenting and as well as for employee monitoring to track employee’s activities in working hours. Gone are the days when you remain helpless to monitor social messaging apps and instant messenger on target devices such as smartphones and tablets. Let’s get to know how you track social media app with WhatsApp screen tracking and chat monitoring software in 2020.

How to get WhatsApp screen recording & Chat Monitoring app in 2020?

Whether you are concerned parents or employers and looking forward to tracking teens’ and employees’ activities respectively on WhatsApp, you can use chat monitoring software to get the job done. However, you have to have social media monitoring software that allows you to perform screen recording and surveillance on instant messenger chat. It is all about having the internet on your cellphone device and uses the web browser and go to the official webpage of the WhatsApp spying software. Besides, you need to get a subscription to a best cell phone spy software and further login to emails and credentials.

Now get physical access on the target device of your child or employee and when you have got the possession of the device start the process of installation instantly. Complete the process of installation and then activate it on the targeted device. Furthermore, use the credentials in terms of password and login ID and get access to the online control panel of the WhatsApp screen spying software. Now get access to plenty of features that empower you to track chat and screen monitoring of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp tracking app features to monitor screen & chat

Live screen Recorder software

If you want to know what is happening on the mobile phone screen activated with WhatsApp social messaging app for digital parenting and employee monitoring then use a screen recorder app. It will empower you to record screen activities target device a user is performing at the moment. You can make short videos of the screen back to back and then delivers to the online control panel. You can simply get access to the online dashboard and can watch live recorded activities of employees or children on social networking app to the fullest.

Social media messenger spy software

Most of the employers want to know the chat conversations, and text messages, sharing of images, photos, audio-video calls logs, and Voice messages and the same is the case with parents. So, you can use a social media messenger monitoring app. It will remotely allow you to get access to the target device installed social media app WhatsApp and get the logs of all the activities to happen on it. Users can get the logs of communication activities such as chats and messages sent received, multimedia, audio-video conversations, and WhatsApp voice messages. It means you can easily get to know what is being discussed on a target device installed the social messaging app to the fullest.


End-users can use the best WhatsApp spy app on the target device for an online parenting and tracking employee’s activities respectively. You can remotely capture screenshots of the activities target mobile device user has performed. You can set multiple screenshots activities on the target device and you will have a series of screenshots captured of the target device installed instant messenger.

Keystrokes logging

 You can remotely monitor all the keystrokes applied on the target device instant messaging app in terms of password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and messages keystrokes.


You can use the WhatsApp screen recording &chat monitoring app on the target device and get to know all the activities happen on social media apps.