Why Get Knee Replacement Surgery


A good majority of us have been to the doctor for a variety of reasons throughout their entire lives. If you’ve had illnesses, you’ve been prescribed medicine by a doctor; if you’ve had injuries, you’ve got them treated by one. Perhaps you’ve been to the doctor for regular or annual checkups just to know the overall state of your health.

One branch of medicine is the field of orthopaedics. You may be unfamiliar with it, but if you’ve ever had any joint or muscle pains, suffered from bone injuries or and other skeletal issues, or even have a condition relating to it, you may be familiar with the study. There are many advancements in science that it’s responsible for– you may have already benefited from orthopaedic surgery or treatments in the past.

What is orthopaedics?

The study of orthopaedics is concerned with the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of issues relating to the musculoskeletal system. Your musculoskeletal system is the framework of your entire body, upon which your other important body parts sit. It allows you to move and otherwise enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. This system is comprised of your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as your bones and joints.

Orthopaedists are doctors who treat an enormous range of musculoskeletal conditions. Their work helps treat people with injuries and conditions of varying levels of complexity and severity. Among other things, they don’t just help treat injuries, they also help athletes by giving advice to them to keep their bodies healthy enough to play sports, are consultants to people with lifelong debilitating conditions like scoliosis and arthritis, rehabilitate patients who need to recover from specific surgeries, and more. 

Some orthopaedists are generalists, who can treat and care for a variety of common issues. Some work more like specialists, like our experts in Specialist Orthopaedic Centre. They focus on specific parts of the body like the hips and shoulders, hands, knees, etc. and can give more in-depth care.

Specialist Orthopaedic Centre focuses primarily on the treatment of foot, knee, and ankle issues. If you’re currently suffering from any related injuries or conditions, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at specific issues that might occur in the knees.

Why would you need knee care?

Your knees play a crucial part in your ability to move around. It’s unwise to let any knee pains or issues go unaddressed because, in the long run, it will severely impact your ability to walk or do anything else. Knee pains can become more common as you age and can turn into a lifelong nuisance. If you’ve ever had knee pains or problems for any reasons, you’ll realize how debilitating and irritating it could be at the very least, but when it worsens, you could be left unable to walk. 

There are many reasons why you would experience knee pains. An obvious one would be if you suffered a knee injury. Some can also be borne of an acquired illness that develops conditions in the knee, like ostheoarthritis, a non-inflammatory disease that causes the cartilage (a soft cushion found around the space between the bones) to deteriorate. It may also be the result of a genetic condition as well. 

How to treat and prevent knee injuries and other issues

These may be serious things to think about, but fortunately for the average, healthy individual there are preventative methods for you to avoid knee injuries and knee pains. Here are just a few of them:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Stretching your leg muscles is a good way to keep your knee joint strong. It’s also important to keep yourself at a healthy weight. Obesity can put some strain on your muscles and bones, including your knee joints.
  • Well-fitted shoes and support. Don’t put more strain on your knees than what is necessary. Working out in comfortable legwear and kneeling on soft surfaces when needed will do better for you in the long run.
  • Various treatments and surgeries.  If all else fails, an orthopaedist is the best person to consult when it comes to knee issues. Do you know that there are knee replacement surgeries that can help those whose injuries or issues need serious work to be resolved?

What are knee replacement surgeries?

There are actually many types of knee surgeries to help those with serious issues. One type of surgery is a knee replacement surgery, where all or part of a knee joint is replaced with artificial material. This procedure is usually performed on those with arthritis or a disease that damages the joint and prevents the sufferer from being able to benefit from other nonsurgical treatments. If walking supports and other traditional methods aren’t working for you, then perhaps it is time to consider this. Consult your orthopaedist for your options!

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