Why Use a Baby Monitor?


Having baby takes much effort to ensure everything is in the right order. In general, parents must prepare cribs, diaper, car seat, and anything important that is related to baby in early stage of life. One of common thing is a baby monitor. 

It is not new idea due to have been around since decades ago. In fact, you might find old baby alarm that your parent used when you were still baby. Such technology is still reliable for monitoring purpose unless you have specific needs.

Why Do You Need A Baby Monitor?

Parents must justify why they need a baby monitor. It sounds simple but the decision will affect the monitor or alarm you use. Keep in mind that a baby monitor has various type of tools or appliances. 

Decades ago, it used microphone and radio that sent signal directly into certain location. Today, you can call this kind of monitor as a baby surveillance. Read the following section to know some reasons why you must obtain it.


  • Surveillance


The first reason for having a baby monitor is surveillance. It might seem a little bit overwhelm but anything can happen anytime. This term refers to several meanings and activities such as observe, monitor, watch, inspect, and spy. The latter word is still applicable even the target is a baby. 

From those meanings, you know that a baby monitor can do more than watch and observe. It can be communication tool as parent provides answer when baby cries. The response is necessary during nighttime to make sure a baby feels comfortable. 


  • Quick response 


Quick response is extended part of a baby monitor. It can be any type of communication such as direct voice as similar with calling someone via telephone. Baby can hear directly from speaker. Voice response is the preliminary technology to be implemented in this monitor. 

On the other hand, parent can install simple device just for baby cry alarm. The response is not solely through this device. The most advanced system utilizes sound and visual that connects directly via monitor.


  • Sense of security


A baby monitor is just device, tool, appliance, system, and platform to support surveillance. On the other hand, you cannot forget the main purpose that comes from parenting behavior. Parents in this world have one thing for their baby, which is health and safety. 

Having this monitor is quite similar with security guard that you find in prison. Everything is monitored and observed. One small issue is known immediately and parent will deliver the response. This is what usually called sense of security. 


  • Mandatory regulation


In certain areas or regions, a baby monitor is mandatory regulation. In this case, the parent does not have any choice except following the rule. Regulation provides steps and explanations how the monitor works including the most proper way for implementation.

From list above, you understand why a baby monitor is necessary. Being cautious is better than ignoring small issue. In fact, parent can see what a baby doing at night. As you know, having baby will be the most exciting experience. You do not want to miss everything at all.