2021 Mazda CX-30 offers Premium Interior and More at Affordable Pricing


Mazda cars are never shabby looking be its exterior or interior portion. Premium designing is what every Mazda vehicle offers. The same goes on for CX-30, which comes with a supreme and spacious interior that makes onlookers mesmerized with it.

The base model starting at just $23,225 also comes with a remarkable interior that is more beautiful than some other SUVs which costs much more. However, it is better to know about this automobile’s interior and more in detail before meeting Mazda dealer Glendale and booking your favorite trim.

Outstanding interior

In one word, interior of CX-30 can be described as well-crafted or mesmerizing. It can be said that some portions of the interior is inspired by Mazda 3, which is a remarkable car on its own. From central dashboard, one can see the infotainment screen sprouts that can be controlled and accessed using a knob present on central console.

Apart from it, there are also other buttons that help in controlling climate according to one’s need. Also, customers ordering this vehicle can opt for either a 12-pseaker or 8-speaker system along with other upgrades like heated seats and more.  

However, the real beauty of interior of CX-30 can be enjoyed, when an individual opt for one of the top-tier models. These variants come with finest leather upholstery, rear lift-gate (power operated) and a few other luxury items that are available only in luxury cars. Hence, there is no doubt that CX-30 comprise of the best premium interior in subcompact SUV category.

Since it is a subcompact SUV, it can have 6-carry-ons and 16 if rear seats are folded, which is similar to other subcompact SUVs in the market. Hence, as you now know the starting price as well as how much premium interior is provided to people, there shouldn’t be any doubt in people’s mind it is a supreme vehicle at a reasonable cost. However, it is best to check out engine details and complete price list of available models.

Take a look!

CX-30’s engine

Two 4-cylinder 2.5L engine is offered; one is standard while the other is a turbocharged variant. The standard one produces 186 HP, while the turbocharged one generates 250 HP. To feel the real power of Mazda CX-30, one should always go for the turbocharged option. Fluid movements along with precise steering make this car a joy to drive around town or highways. In addition, it offers 25 mpg (city) and 33 mpg (highway), which is better than most of its rivals in this automobile division.


7 different models are available and the base model’s price is already mentioned. However, if one is opting for the CX-30, then should choose in between the four most picked trims of CX-30; Premium ($29,650), Turbo ($31,000), Turbo Premium ($33,400), and Turbo Premium Plus ($35,000 approx). You can know more by visiting Glendale Mazda dealership!

Choose whichever is appropriate for you and book one to have a premium subcompact SUV at an affordable price. All you need is to book one, sign the papers of ownership and get it delivered quickly.