3 Air Purifier Maintenance Tips For Your Home


Singapore is one of the few countries in Asia that revels in the fresh air. Its lush forests and greenery-adorned streets help minimise air pollution, preventing various health and environmental concerns. The city-state’s authorities also cooperate with the US Environmental Protection Agency to enforce laws and improve air quality. Moreover, indoor air quality-improving devices, like the infamous air purifier, are prevalent in Singapore. Residents understand the value of fresh air, so they do their best to keep their indoor and outdoor atmosphere clean.

The air purifier has been available in Singapore for years. It is a device that cleanses the air by removing pollutants and allergens. Residents troubled with asthma and allergies have been relying on this innovative machine to help them breathe fresh air at home—but during the COVID-19 pandemic, customer demand for air purifiers spiked. As soon as health experts confirmed that some air purifying devices could help reduce contaminants indoors, people rushed to the nearest home improvement and appliance stores to purchase an air purifier for their home.

If you are considering buying an air purifier for your humble home, you should keep a few things in mind. First, understand what these air-cleaning devices can and cannot do for you. Learn that these machines can come in different models and block allergens and pollutants of varying diameters. You should also know that they are available in many sizes—the bulkier an air purifier is, the larger the area it can clean. Moreover, remember that an air purifier can only do so much to keep you and your family safe from airborne diseases like COVID-19. Observing various measures will minimise viral transmission and strengthen your immune system.


How To Take Care Of The Air Purifier In Your Home

Like other appliances in your dwelling, your air purifying device requires care and attention. Even if you purchase the best air purifier in Singapore, you will still have to learn how to maintain its functionality and keep it from facing irreversible damage. Moreover, understanding your air cleaner’s maintenance needs can prolong its lifespan. If you look after this innovative device correctly, it can keep your home contaminant-free for at least five years.

Learning to take care of your air purifier is not as challenging as you think. But as much as possible, avoid disassembling the device yourself without referring to guides like this article. You will not want an air purifier in your Singapore home that broke within a few days or weeks of usage after dismounting its components incorrectly.

To help you look after the air purifier for your home and keep it damage-free for years, here are a few tips to follow:

1.  Read The Air Purifier’s Manual

Whether you plan to purchase an air purifier for cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, or virus removal at your abode, every air cleaning device comes with a user manual. This tiny booklet or flyer will help you understand how to use and maintain the machine correctly.

While it can be tempting to throw the device’s manual along with its box in the bin, never treat these documents like trash. They contain vital information to help you understand what you can and cannot do to keep your air purifier and its carbon, TiO2, or HEPA filter in top shape. These user manuals can even give you vouchers or codes to claim complimentary maintenance or repair services from the air purifier manufacturer, so avoid putting them in the trash can.

2.  Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Most air purifier models for your home can help you minimise dust since their filters can block such pollutants. But if your air cleansing device does all the work and you ignore the dust bunnies pooling on your floor and ceiling, it may have trouble cleaning your air since it has too many contaminants to filter. If you let your air purifier get overworked, it can lose its functions within a few months of usage.

To keep your air purifier from getting strained, sweep your floors and dust your ceilings at least once every few days. You can also use a high-powered vacuum to free your abode from dust to save time and effort. If your air purifying device’s carbon or HEPA filter is brimming with grime, clean it with warm water or a vacuum. Moreover, remember to replace these filters every year to keep your air purifier functional for longer.

3.  Know When To Shop For A New Air Purifier

All appliances do not last forever—including the best air purifier in Singapore. No matter how robust this air-cleaning device is, it can experience issues and lose its functionality over time. Experts have not yet figured out how to make household appliances last a lifetime, specifically if homeowners use them for multiple hours daily.

If you have had your air purifier for years, you may begin to notice unusual sights, sounds, or smells while it is operating. You may even observe that your allergies have returned no matter how often you purchase a new TiO2 or HEPA filter in Singapore. If you think your air purifier is malfunctioning beyond repair, you should consider getting a new one and letting your old one rest. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars to fix your broken air cleaner, you should use your hard-earned resources to get a more functional model.

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Homeowners like you need various appliances to make their dwellings functional, safe, and comfortable. Among these household devices, the air purifier may be the last thing on their priority lists since the device does not seem like a necessary machine to have inside your dwelling.

But during these modern times, numerous experts have proven the benefits of having an air purifier for your home. It can help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, block car and cigarette smoke, and even minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

If you plan on purchasing an air purifier for your home, you should remember the tips above to help keep the device functional for longer. But if your old air cleaning device has been encountering defects, you should consider replacing it with a newer model that can keep your home safe from airborne contaminants.

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