3 common problems with upholstered chairs

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If maintained correctly, a well-made chair can last for many years. Even the most well-kept couches require some tender loving care upholstery. Plumbs is aware that your chair will not maintain its current appearance forever. Chair coverings are susceptible to being damaged by a variety of factors, including regular use, accidental knocks and bumps, toddlers, and pets. The following are some of the most typical issues with chairs, as well as solutions to those issues.

The color of the furniture can be faded by sunlight.

This is a typical puzzle, and it can be quite difficult at times. If you leave your chair out in the direct sunshine for several weeks, months, or even years, the colors on it may fade. Because the material has the potential to wear out more quickly, you might want replacement covers sooner than you had anticipated.

If you have the room to do so, you should move your upholstery chair away from windows that receive direct sunlight. It is not always simple but doing so will lengthen the life of your chair. If this is not an option, you should consider purchasing high-quality chair covers from Plumbs and rotating them out whenever the chairs are overexposed to the sun (especially in the summer).

Pet loves your couch

Let’s face it: pets may ruin chairs. You might find pet hair on your couch even if your animal companion is well-behaved. Scratching and establishing their territory are two of the more concerning behaviors exhibited by pets.

To get rid of the problem put on a pair of rubber gloves and massage the fur into a pile. After that, it will be simple to delete. Replacement can be necessary if there are chew marks or discoloration. The covers on our chairs are perfect. Need help? Most of our coverings can be cleaned in a washing machine, which is fantastic news for those who keep pets and for parents.

Next, implement no-pet-chair rules. (However, if you like snuggling with the dog on the chair, we understand if that is something that makes you will to put in a little extra effort to clean!)

Dye transfer stains furniture

You may have already become aware of this issue. The use of dye transfer allows one color to be transferred to another. Not only dark denim but also any fabric, such as a scatter cushion, is capable of transferring dye. Seat cushions are the most likely to be affected by dye transfer, and washing them isn’t always enough to get rid of the problem. If your chair has stubborn dye stains, covers for the chair might be able to help. To maintain the appearance that they were just purchased, it is simple to replace them and wash them at the first sign of degradation.

In the interim, measures should be taken to avert the problem. Counsel? It is best not to place dark materials on top of lighter ones. You may have heard that you should cover your chair with sheets made of white cotton, but this may not be an option for certain people. We’ll let you decide.