3 Mistakes to Avoid for Your PR Application in Singapore


The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) approves approximately 30,000 Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) applications yearly. If you apply to be a permanent resident in Singapore, you must verify that every component of your application satisfies the ICA’s standards. Here are three mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Incorrect / Incomplete Information

You must enter personal information as a primary candidate and your dependents when you apply for PR in Singapore through the online portal on the ICA website. There are numerous sections to complete, all of which must be accurate. If you omit a part by mistake or provide erroneous information, your application will be considered incomplete, which may result in an invalid submission.

#2 Failing to Submit All Requirements Promptly

ICA requires applicants to finish their application for the e-PR service within seven days. Missing the deadline will have you restart your PR application in Singapore. It is best if you prepare all of your papers before beginning your online application to avoid this complication.

#3 Failing to Provide Translations for Non-English Documents

The ICA requires applicants to provide approved English translations of non-English original documentation for their application for PR in Singapore. They may reject your submission if you fail to submit English translations. For this purpose, no translation service provider will suffice. Provide a translation from the following ICA-approved methods:

  • Given by the country’s embassy where the document was issued,
  • Created by a notary public in Singapore or the nation producing the record,
  • Through a private party verified by the embassy of the country where the document was issued,
  • Done by a private party and notarized by a notary public in Singapore.

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