3 Ways to Make the Most of Magnetic Signs


There are few better ways to make an advertising impact for your business than physical signage. One of the simplest and most affordable ways of achieving this impact is magnetic signs. But not all magnetic signs are created equal. Here are three main factors which help your business get the most out of your investment in magnetic signs.


The visual appeal of a magnetic sign is enhanced when a larger sign is employed. One of the key features of a magnetic sign is that, unlike vinyl or other means of advertising, the installation of a magnetic sign on your business vehicle or anywhere else is very quick and easy. This means that getting a larger sign does not involve any of the difficulty of handling or installing larger sizes of other advertising tools. Look to find the largest size of sign that fits your application.


Simply by being so visible to the outside world, magnetic signs are already one of the most effective tools for a business to employ in their advertising arsenal. However, if the colors and design of the signage are not optimized, your business may be missing out. When ordering a magnetic sign, think not only of the traditional colors which your business employs, but also the colors of your products, colors of local sports teams, or simply colors which are complementary to the base color of your business vehicles. There is a lot of room for creativity here to draw customer’s attention. The more dramatic the sign, the more dramatic the impact on your business.


One of the best aspects of magnetic signs is their portability and ease of installation. Simply by being displayed on a moving vehicle, your business receives advertising benefits for driving the that you would already be doing. Think of which vehicles get the most driving time and exposure. Sometimes an effective advertising tweak can be as simple as swapping signs between vehicles. Because magnetic signs are so easy to install, you may even consider placing them on personal vehicles to further your advertising impact

In conclusion, magnetic signs are a great opportunity to advertise to a large audience if you implement some of these tips.