4 Reasons To Choose Cremated Ashes For Necklace


It can be difficult deciding what one should do with a loved one’s cremated ashes. If you are familiar with cremation jewelry in Singapore, there’s a good chance that you might have heard about the necklace from ashes. Many people today are wearing a necklace from cremated ashes of their departed loved ones.

Whether you’re opting for ashes into jewellery or pet cremation, there’s something beautiful about wearing a necklace to remember and carry the memory of someone that is close and special to you. Here are reasons for choosing a necklace for ashes:


Many families aren’t just stopping on the traditional urn after cremation. Today, many have the opportunity to be closer to the memories of a loved one that the cremation urn can’t do. While the urn is often stored at home or kept on a mantlepiece, where one can turn or store a small number of ashes into a necklace—that you can take with you wherever you go.

Delivers a sense of closeness

There’s always something special about wearing a necklace, and it’s because it provides us with a feeling of closeness that the item reminds us about. Whether it’s from diamonds from ashes or a stored cremated ash from an urn, it gives you the knowledge and sense of peace and comfort that you are close to someone you dear, even after they’re gone.

Able to share the memory

There’s something special about the idea of every family member having a necklace piece to commemorate and immortalise the memory of someone they love, be it a pet or a close family member. Every cremation ashes for jewelry or necklace are fit to share with other loved ones as a special remembrance of someone they hold dearest.

A backup for the urn

Cremated urns can be stolen, destroyed or lost, and it can be a devastating experience. Opting for cremated ashes for a necklace is a suitable option and an alternative backup should the worst thing happen.

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