4 Types of Signage to Get From a Signage Company in Singapore


One can’t deny the benefits of having signage for a business. It’s a cost-effective marketing strategy that makes your presence known to many potential consumers, which can increase engagement and sales. You’ll also be able to reach the right audience when you have signage that has the aesthetic appeal they like. A signage company in Singapore can coordinate with you to get the perfect signage for your company.

To get your first signage, you’ll need to know which type is best for your company’s needs. Every kind of signage fulfils a different purpose, so knowing which ones are available to you can help you choose which ones can help your business the most. Here are four types of signage you can order from a signage supplier in Singapore.

1. Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the most versatile types because you can constantly change its display. A digital signage company can create a standing digital signage or an LED video wall for your business. The former is ideal for storefronts; restaurants can display their menu on standing digital signage for customers to browse. Retail stores can also use it for displaying sale announcements. Meanwhile, you can place an LED video wall inside the store. Use it to display announcements or emergency information to your consumer base.

2. 3D Signage

One can compare 3D signage to an art installation. Instead of hanging it up on a wall, you can display 3D signage in the middle of the room, as its added dimension can help it stand on its own. A signage supplier in Singapore usually makes 3D signage out of acrylic, wood, steel, or aluminium to help support its weight. You can use 3D signage for your office lobby to give it more life or hang smaller signage from the ceiling as a dynamic way to display your brand name.

3. Building Signage

A signage company in Singapore can put building signage on the outer walls of your office or retail building. Eye-catching building signage can help you catch the attention of potential customers from several metres away, which can grow your consumer base exponentially. Consider adding backlight on your building signage to increase visibility, especially at night.

4. Retail Signage

Last but not least, your storefront isn’t complete without retail signage. Perhaps the most prominent signage of all, its primary purpose is to tell the customer the name of the store or office building they’re about to enter. If you’re a new business or store owner, the first time you’ll likely approach a signage company in Singapore is to order retail signage. Ensure you make a great first impression on potential customers with high-quality signage.

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