5 Exciting Activities to Do in Banyuwangi, East Java


The Banyuwangi region of East Java is among the most underrated yet unique destinations we have enjoyed seeing within Indonesia. We don’t doubt that tourism will explode here within the upcoming few decades, particularly in some of those places around Banyuwangi I list below.

It is just a brief boat ride from Bali, and all in this record is available in just a two-hour drive in the town of Banyuwangi. The listing is created from the sequence of these actions we did over four days, though you could certainly do that in less time since we had an extremely relaxed itinerary. So, this is it, the five fun activities you can do during your holiday in Banyuwangi:

  1. Rumah Apung Bangsring

No, it is not a floating resort room but rather a rehabilitation center for infant sharks, which you may see swimming across their drifting rooms! You may even swim around the feeding system and rehabilitation center, helping you to find some reasonably awesome biomarine life. Rumah Apung Bangsring is also the gateway to Tabuhan and Menjangan Island, which will be the following list of your itinerary.

  1. Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is technically part of Bali and is located on the Northern end of West Bali National Park. But it is possible to reach it from Bangsring. Also, it’s contained as part of the Island excursion. As you’re ready to perform it on a trip from Banyuwangi and because that is precisely what I did, I chose to include it anyway.

Besides having crystal clear waters, it’s also home to deer, which may often be seen taking a dip into the sea with you. Menjangan itself is Javanese that signifies deer in English. With the clear waters it has, this island offers you the best diving and snorkeling spot to explore marine lives.

  1. Tabuhan Island

I must mention that though I have included this in the listing, it may be much more impressive than it had been! It is a potentially magnificent paradise island with a stunning mountain inside its background and the uninhabited shore was covered in crap!

It was beautiful though, and I’d certainly suggest checking it all out. Who knows, maybe by the time you pay a visit to the shore, it will probably be cleaner! You may invest as long as you need here. Simply communicate to a vessel driver just how long you would like to stay and revel in the island entirely to yourself.

  1. Blue Fire Lounge

The rooftop bar of Illira Hotel at Banyuwangi provides a number of the finest views throughout the bay. It is the ideal place to sip a cocktail and watch the sunset around Bali.

The lounge features relaxation spaces and functions refreshments together with designer snacks. Enjoying the fantastic view of Banyuwangi City, Mount Ijen, and Sea-View of Bali Strait on a clear day, what kind of holiday can be more exciting than this?

  1. Bajulmati Reservoir

This is one area that took me entirely by surprise. Even if we came, I was not exactly certain why we were planning to pay a visit to a reservoir.

What we found however is some of the greatest natural scenery of the entire trip! It kind of seemed like Raja Ampat from over, together with all the grassy atolls poking from this lake. We need to be fair though, the best opinions were certainly recorded with my drone — that is not a first person viewpoint the majority of folks can get. But if you decide to drive all the way to the street there are a few large hills which will provide you a fantastic vantage point over Bajulmati reservoir.

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