5 Exotic Beaches in Bintan You Can Visi


Bintan is an island that has two cities, namely Bintan and Tanjung Pinang. The natural beauty on Bintan Island is no less attractive than other tourist rides, so it is very suitable for choosing a vacation spot for relaxation activities from such a hectic activity. Various exotic tourist attractions can be found on this island. Not too many people travel to this place so that its natural beauty can be enjoyed more optimally.

You don’t need to be confused when going on vacation to Bintan because there are many tourist attractions that can be a vacation choice. The beach also holds a lot of beauty that is ready to pamper you. Here are some recommendations for exotic beaches that you can visit while on vacation to Bintan.

  1. Senggiling Beach

Senggiling Beach is located in the north of Bintan and is next to Bintan’s famous tourist attraction, Lagoi. Although access to this place is quite tricky, it still does not reduce the interest of tourists to visit it.

To get to this place, you can use a road trip with a time of one hour through the city of Tanjung Uban and one and half hour if through the city of Tanjung Pinang.

The ecosystem on this beach still looks natural because the visitors who come are not as many as in other tourist attractions in Bintan. The sand with the edges is pure white and feels soft when using the skin of the feet. Along the coast is decorated with large stones, thus adding to the panorama in this place.

  1. Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon is a state-of-the-art recreational lagoon. Located on the beach and is the largest pool in Southeast Asia. This place is also known as Treasure Bay Bintan. This pool area reaches 6.4 hectares (the same as 50 pools with the size for the Olympics) and has a beautiful charm of views that can be enjoyed from above.

The concept of the pool here is made to resemble a beach. The edge of the pool is deliberately made sloping and coated with white fiber, so it looks like sea sand. Tourists can walk around leisurely or use the provided segway or scooter. The entrance fee for one adult is Rp 120,000, while for children it is only Rp 90,000.

The water used to fill this swimming pool can reach 115,060,000 liters. The water used is seawater that has gone through distillation so that the water becomes very clear. Besides swimming, tourists can also do other activities such as Kayak, Boat Ride, and Fly Board. Tourist attractions open from 9 am and close at 6 pm.

  1. White Sand Island

This island is located across from Bintan Island. Visitors at this tourist spot can do various relaxing activities by the beach, diving, or snorkeling. The coral reefs in this area are well cared for, the marine ecosystem is still maintained, and the feel of a tropical island is still very thick.

In this place, there is also a turtle hatchery. If visitors come at the right time, they can release the baby turtles for the first time to the shore. Baby turtles or commonly called Tukik will stagger towards the ocean. They look so cute.

  1. Sakera Beach

Sakera Beach is an exotic white sandy beach that tourists often visit. Here visitors can swim because there is a sloping beach. To get to this place, you can use the land route that can be taken for approximately 2.5 hours from Tanjung Pinang City. If from Batam, it can be reached by ferry and continued by land for approximately 15 minutes.

Visitors here from children, teenagers, to adults can look for sea snails and shells when the seawater is receding. This activity is known as Bekarang and is one of the local traditions. The seawater here is clear with a turquoise color. This color is also the main attraction of this beach.

Usually, this place will be crowded when it coincides with holidays and weekends. Visitors do not only come from the local area and outside the island but many foreign tourists who vacation in this place. Tourists can enjoy the beach while playing in the water, chasing the waves, or swimming because the seawater tends to be calm. Children can also play, but of course still under the strict supervision of parents or adults who are together.

Cottages and inns are very easy to find along the coast. If you come to this place on weekdays or not on holidays, some of the existing facilities can be enjoyed without having to pay a fee. The facilities available include beach volleyball and futsal fields, canoe rental places, to outbound arenas.

  1. Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach had become a prima donna on Bintan Island. The white sand that stretches for 25 kilometers on the northeast coast of this island and the waves are so calm that it became a frequent destination for tourists before the many luxury resorts built around the beach.

This beach is actually a combination of four beaches that have names that are easy to remember because their names use numbers one to four, making it the longest beach in Bintan.

This place seems to show that Bintan is a tourist destination of choice to get the atmosphere and feel of a tropical island. This area not only offers views around the beach but also underwater views that are no less interesting.

This area is still safe for activities such as swimming and snorkeling. In addition, you can also relax while sunbathing or go around to explore the beach area. In this area, some huts sell some snacks and cold drinks. So, visitors can relax without worrying about going hungry.

Bintan is like a gem in the western part of Indonesia. Some of the exotic beaches on Bintan Island mentioned above can be on your list of vacation destinations. However, before you plan a vacation to Bintan, be sure to read more about Bintan and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.