5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Storage Space Rental


People use storage units to keep personal items they don’t need daily or through life changes. Various storage conditions can jeopardise your items’ safety regardless of your purpose.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when renting a self storage unit in Singapore or abroad.

#1 Incorrect Size

One of the most common storage mistakes is cramming too much stuff into a tiny space. The desire to save money is understandable. However, there are reasonably-sized cheap storage options around Singapore. If you are unsure how much space you need, use a calculating tool to help you figure it out.

#2 Failing to Plan How You Stack

A plan is required when packing and stacking your storage space rental. You do not want to take out everything to get to that one thing against the back wall. Avoid doing extra work to get what you need by creating a path to reach items throughout the unit.

#3 Stuffing Everything Inside

A storage unit is not a good place to keep chemicals, propane, or other potentially hazardous materials. Food that rots and causes damage to other items in your storage unit should not be stored. Ask the management of the self storage facility in Singapore about what they permit in their units.

#4 Skipping Insurance

You can select the most secure storage facility for rent in Singapore. However, the facility owners are not liable if your property is damaged while in your storage unit due to unforeseen causes. Insurance can help you protect yourself and your property.

#5 Failing to Account for Logistics

A self storage facility in Singapore with drive-up access can make it easier to unload and arrange your belongings. You will save time and effort if you do not have to navigate long corridors or up and down elevators.

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