5 Reasons to Pursue LLM after Completing LLB


When you decide to pursue a career in law, you should be prepared for a long academic journey. After higher secondary, students interested in legal studies choose LLB courses. Completing LLB will fetch you a bachelor’s degree in law. It also makes you eligible to work as a professional lawyer. However, it does not make you a specialized lawyer. If you want to specialize in a certain section of the law, you should opt for higher studies. After LLB, studying LLM is the commonest choice of course for many law students. LLM fetches a master’s degree in law, and it helps you to become a specialized lawyer. For studying this course, you need to find the best LLM college in Raipur. In the following section, you will find some benefits of pursuing LLM after completing LLB successfully.

  1. Degree Upgrade Fetches Better Jobs

Having a postgraduate degree is good to pursue a career in any field. Upgrading the degree will help you to find better jobs. When you go for a job interview, your higher degree will fetch you an advantage over the other applicants for the job. After studying law, people look for jobs in legal consultancy companies. Many such companies hire fresher and experienced legal experts or lawyers. With an LLM degree, you increase your opportunity of getting recruited by a reputed and high revenue offering legal consultancy service provider.

  1. Specialization

LLB gives you an overview of different kinds of laws. It is crucial to understand the basic legal frameworks of a country. An LLB student learns these basic things. After LLB, you need to pursue LLM for specialization. Having specialization in a particular field of law will help you to become a specialized lawyer. For example, you can become a business lawyer. The job of a business lawyer is to provide business law related advice to clients. If you have a specialization in criminal law, you can work as a specialized criminal attorney. People search for specialized lawyers, as they are more qualified to deal with particular legal issues.

  1. Pursue Career in Teaching

After LLM, you become qualified to become a professor in a college or university. With a master’s degree certificate, you can apply for high-grade jobs. It fetches better revenue and higher job satisfaction. Professional lawyers can also work as part-time teachers while working as full-time lawyers.

  1. Extend Your Network

Studying LLM will extend your network as a lawyer. When you study for a master’s degree in law, you will meet new people and many teachers. It helps you to grow a network. A growing network can help lawyers to get more clients. For studying LLM, you should find the best LLM colleges in Chhattisgarh.

  1. Pursue Career in Legal Research

After LLM, you can further pursue a PhD in law. Entering the field of research will fetch higher job satisfaction. You will research various law-related things. Since the law is an ever-changing field, various laws may have many loopholes. Researchers study cases to find those loopholes. They also provide solutions to deal with the loopholes.