5 Red Flags to Watch Out For in a Preschool in Singapore


Looking for a good preschool for your child is one of the most important things to do as a parent. The preschool you choose is where your child’s first steps into their academic journey will be, and looking for an excellent school can help them succeed later on in life. Unfortunately, choosing a lousy school might negatively affect your child’s development. Here are a few red flags to look out for when looking for a preschool in Singapore.

1. Negative Feedback from Parents and Caregivers

When looking for a preschool in Singapore, listen to other parents’ and caregivers’ advice. Inquire about their experiences from other parents and caregivers whose children attended the preschool you are considering. Negative feedback, such as worries about safety or grievances about the standard of care and instruction, has to be taken carefully and should raise red lights.

2. Inadequate Safety Measures

Your primary focus should always be your child’s safety. The best preschool in Singapore should have clear, stringent safety regulations, like fire drills, secured doors, and security cameras. Check whether the preschool you are considering has an emergency plan and whether the staff is CPR and first aid certified.

3. Lack of Qualified Staff

The first warning sign to look out for in a preschool in Singapore is a lack of qualified workers. Early childhood education training and background are both recommended for preschool instructors. Ask about the instructors’ prior experience dealing with young children at schools with early childhood educators on staff who have degrees or certificates.

4. Lack of Engaging Activities

Search for a playgroup in Singapore that provides a wide range of stimulating activities, such as art, music, and science, that inspire kids to explore and learn in a pleasant and encouraging setting. A preschool that offers simple or dull activities can not give your child the excitement and learning opportunities they require.

5. Poorly Maintained Facilities

The physical setting of a preschool in Singapore plays a significant role in determining the calibre of care and instruction given. Choose well-kept preschools with tidy, roomy classrooms, age-appropriate play structures, and enough areas for outdoor play. Your child might be in danger if the preschool has outdated, hazardous, or poorly maintained equipment.

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