5 Unique Tourist Villages in Bali


The development of tourism in several regions in Indonesia is now promoting the concept of local wisdom. This can be seen from the attention of the local government, who raised the tourist village as one of the attractions to bring in more tourists. Not wanting to be left behind, Bali also has many tourist village references that you must visit while on vacation here. Want to know the information? Check out the information in the following article.

  • Penglipuran Bali Village

Penglipuran Village is a famous tourist village in Bali that has succeeded in bearing the title of the cleanest village in the world. The location is in Penglipuran Village about 53km which offers attractions such as culture, crafts, and traditional food. You only need to pay Rp. 15,000 for adult domestic tourists and Rp. 10,000 for children.

  • Tenganan Pegringsingan Village

If you are in the Karangasem area of ​​​​Bali, then just stop by Tenganan Pegringsingan Village, which is located in Tenganan Village, Manggis, Karangasem Regency. The attraction offered by Tenganan Pegringsingan Village is the concept of a traditional village that still maintains the tradition of traditional clothing, art that attracts attention and still applies traditional systems in buying and selling transactions such as bartering or exchanging goods.

The works of art from the very popular Tenganan Village artists are bamboo crafts, painting, and woven fabrics. The entrance fee is free, but to help sustain village tourism, each visitor on average donates Rp. 10,000/person and for a two-wheeled vehicle parking ticket price of Rp. 2000/motorcycle and four wheels Rp. 5000.

  • Kertalangu Village Denpasar City Bali

Another alternative tourist village in Bali is the Kertalangu Cultural Village. This village is located in the city of Denpasar and has the address at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai no. 88 Kesiman Kertalangu Denpasar. The opening hours of the Kertalangu tourist village are from 08.00 to 22.00 WITA. The attraction of this tourist village in Denpasar, which has ​​​​about 80 hectares, offers unique plantations and green rice fields. Kertalangu Tourism Village, Denpasar City, was first opened in 2005 and the entrance fee is Rp. 10,000/person on weekdays and weekends.

  • Celuk Sukawati Village

The next destination that you must visit during your vacation in Bali is Celuk village, located in the ​​Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar Regency. The location is close to zoo tours in Bali, namely Bali Zoo Park and the Guwang Sukawati Art Market. The interesting thing that makes this village famous throughout the world is the silver handicrafts. So if you want to add to your collection of silver crafts, just come to Celuk Sukawati Village. Even here you can get it at a more affordable price.

Interestingly, you can also witness firsthand the process of making silver crafts from the beginning to becoming a masterpiece that is ready to be sold at a souvenir shop. Prices for handicrafts in the form of silver in Celuk Sukawati Village start from silver earrings, you can get pendant clappers starting from Rp. 100,000/pc.

  • Batu Bulan Sukawati Tourism Village

Shifting to the Gianyar area, there is the Batu Bulan village of Bali which has its own magnet for local and foreign tourists. The location of Batu Bulan Sukawati Village is also very close to famous tourist attractions such as the Bali Bird Park, Bali Orchid Forest, and Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang. Batu Bulan Village Sukawati offers an attraction in traditional Balinese dance performances such as Barong Dance, Legon, and Kecak Dance. The show schedule is usually displayed every day at certain times.

The time for the barong dance performance at Batu Bulan Gianyar is held from 09.00 to 10.00 Wita. While the location of the barong dance performance in Batu Bulan Village is in 3 locations, namely at Jalan Raya Batu Bulan no. 63C, Jalan SMKI, and Jalan Pasekan. The price of admission to Batu Bulan Sukawati Tourism Village is Rp. 100,000/person. In addition to watching barong performances, you can also witness the ability of its citizens to make various arts and crafts such as sculptures and carvings. Therefore, many tourists come here to hunt various kinds of handicrafts.

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