5 Ways to Boost Your Artistic Creativity


We’ve all experienced mental fog from time to time.  Writers get writer’s block.  Creative professionals may have a day where the creativity is simply not flowing.  Artists can also experience a brief lag in inspiration.  Whether you are naturally creative, or you cultivated your talent through years of training, it’s important to care for and nurture your creativity.

Here are some techniques to try if you need a creative boost.

Keep a Journal:

Keep a notebook with you to jot down your ideas and sketches.  The point of this art diary is to find things that inspire you and save them for use later on.  Not only will journaling save you time from finding things you’ve already worked through, it will also give you a new list of creative ideas for times when the well seems dry.

Start a Pinterest Board:

Many artists find that keeping a bulletin board in their studio is helpful for saving ideas and getting inspiration.  Nowadays, you can do this digitally through online platforms like Pinterest.

Post anything that comes to you like ads, photographs, quotes or whatever else catches your eye.

Split Projects Up:

If you are working on a large scale project and start to feel overwhelmed by the volume of work, split it up into sections and go from there. It’s easier to maintain your enthusiasm when you’re working on small pieces rather than the whole.  Artists like Jon Rafman don’t set themselves to be overwhelmed.  Instead, Jon Rafman, artist, accomplishes large projects in smaller bits over time.

Do Something Else:

If you are struggling to find your inner creativity when working on a project, take a step back for a minute and do something else.  See if some time away allows you to take back your excitement.  Artists like Jeff Koons know that taking a break can inspire them to move on and create amazing art.

Find a Mentor:

Artists everywhere have gained inspiration by following other artists’ work. When you isolate yourself, it can only make your lack of creativity seem bigger than it really is.  The truth is, every artist has gone through the same thing and can empathize with you.  So connect with others who can coach you through the ebbs and flows.

While artists always want the creativity to flow out of them, sometimes it takes a few tricks to get back on track.  Hopefully some of the techniques above will help you because after all, more creativity is always a plus, wherever you get it.