6 Great Areas to Install Synthetic Turf Products

Home Improvement

For thousands of years people have battled the elements. We’ve built cities and conquered wilderness areas. Now technology has advanced sufficiently to give us the appearance and feel of lush green lawn, without the constant upkeep. This synthetic turf is so realistic it beats all fake grass alternatives. The time has arrived when a synthetic surface can showcase as much beauty, and more utility, than grass. Here are just a few of the most common areas synthetic turf products are now being used:

1. Playground Surfaces

Playgrounds are a terrific place to utilize fake grass alternatives. For one thing, there’s little upkeep. Instead of groundskeepers constantly trimming and cutting, the grass stays the perfect height and color all year long.

2. Sports Fields

Again, this surface can be the perfect solution for any sport. The minimal upkeep and unchanging consistency of the surface makes for excellent playing fields of all types.

3. Putting Greens

Need the perfect surface to work on your short game? Here it is. Whether it’s for a private place to work on your putting or you own a miniature golf or driving range, this is the perfect surface to improve anybody’s golf game.

4. Rooftops

You might love the city life with that rooftop view, but feel it needs just a touch of nature. A synthetic turf product is a terrific way to add to that outdoorsy feel, along with the additional comfort of stretching your toes in the grass. There’s no need to walk out onto a bitter cold or blazing hot concrete surface! With a few umbrellas and lawn chairs on your rooftop, you’ll be king or queen of all you survey!

5. Pet Areas

There is now a synthetic surface designed especially for your pet area. This surface is durable, antimicrobial, and eliminates muddy paw problems. Do both you and your favorite pet a favor!

6. Other Commercial and Public Applications

There are so many commercial and public applications of these surfaces. Besides the minimal upkeep or maintenance, they don’t need water to maintain that evergreen appearance. Many universities, hospitals, retail operations such as malls, rooftop bars, kennels, indoor and outdoor gyms, and other public facilities now utilize these surfaces. They are much warmer and more inviting than cold concrete areas. And that attracts people.

Where can you find Synthetic Turf with higher quality than fake grass alternatives?

That’s certainly the million-dollar question. Where can you find a surface that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal? A surface that will endure traffic or the inclement weather of the Pacific Northwest without complaint or problems? You want and need a quality product with a quality warranty. The good news is such products are now available. Not only that, but there is a synthetic turf specifically designed for each application mentioned above, and many others as well. Where can you find full service synthetic products and installation like that? Right here at ForeverLawn Bellevue!