6 Reasons to Choose Reseller Hosting for Your Web Development Business


The Reseller Hosting industry has evolved in recent years due to the increased demand for customized hosting packages and personalized services. Unlike a decade ago, most site owners understand the concept of web hosting now and know exactly what they want from their hosting plans. Hence, generic hosting plans don’t meet their requirements. When a new website gets developed, the web developer has the best idea about the site owner’s requirements. Hence, if the developer delves into the web hosting business, he can offer a hosting package that is tailor-made for the website. Also, with Reseller Hosting Plans, entering the web hosting industry is not costly or complicated anymore. Today, we will look at six reasons to choose Reseller Hosting for your web development business.

  1. Helps you offer a comprehensive package to your clients

When you develop a website, you interact with the site owner to understand how he wants people to perceive his business. While this helps you in creating an apt website, it also builds trust and makes you the best person to offer a hosting package that helps him realize his vision optimally. By buying a Reseller Hosting plan, you can create a package that suits his requirements, and make his dream come true. This allows you to project your business as a one-stop-shop for all website needs.

  1. Selling Web Hosting can generate Regular Income

Usually, site owners don’t change hosting plans unless they are highly dissatisfied with the services. Since, as a developer, you will create customized hosting packages for your clients, they will be happy sticking around with you. This generates a regular stream of income for your business.

  1. You can start selling web hosting without worrying about marketing costs

Typically, any business involves a sizable cost in marketing the products/services. However, since you are in the web development business, you already have clients who will need a hosting package after the site is developed. If you can create packages that meet their expectations, then the costs involved in marketing your web hosting business go down significantly. That allows you to increase your revenue per client.

  1. Happier Clients = More Referrals = More Business

Once a client approaches you, he wants to design a website and get it live. He doesn’t care about the steps in the process. All he wants is a website that looks and functions according to his expectations. While you can design such a website, its performance relies heavily on the choice of the hosting plan. If the client chooses a wrong hosting service, then your work does not seem so efficient either (from a client’s perspective). On the other hand, if you provide the right hosting service to your client and he sees his website the way he wanted, then you have a happy client who gladly spreads your name around and gets you referral clients. This only means more business.

  1. You stand apart from your competition

When a prospective client looks at web developers, the fact that you offer web hosting along with development services helps you stand apart from your competition. Also, if your happy clients post positive reviews, then your competition stands no chance. 

  1. Not Heavy on your pockets

Typically, Reseller Hosting plans cost between ₹800 – ₹3000 per month. This depends on the resources you need in the reseller plan. This is not a huge investment to give yourself an opportunity to diversify your business and make your clients happy while earning profits.

Summing Up

Remember to select a reseller company with round-the-clock customer support to help you get through any initial hiccups that you might face. Research well and look at all your options before you start a web hosting business. Good Luck!