6 Things That Could Happen If You’re Not Wearing Protective Gears


From your doctor to the random fitness trainer you see online, they all encourage you to move, move, and move! They always promise that getting your body sweaty will make you healthier and physically fit. At this point, you probably heard that exercising is beneficial a thousand times! And you’re sick enough to hear more words about why you should exercise.

So, this article would instead focus on the safety of physical activities that you don’t usually hear from the people around you. Athletes would endorse not giving up, your doctor would say to exercise regularly, and your fitness trainer might say to push yourself to the limit. It may sound motivational, but behind those words is a great responsibility.

Your safety still matters, and for sure, you wouldn’t want to injure yourself for the sake of “being active.”Give yourself a favour, and continue reading the article to know the purpose of using protective gears like knee support and ankle brace in Singapore. And, know what would happen if you don’t use them.

What is the Purpose of Protective Gears?

If you’re still wondering why you need to wear protective gear like knee support in Singapore, try to convince yourself by learning the purpose of protective equipment when doing physical or sports activities. After all, you wouldn’t appreciate a thing without knowing its value and benefits. Let this article show you the purpose of different protective gears to help you stay safe and protected from possible injuries.

Here are the different protective gears and their purposes:


1) Footwear

To begin with, start with prioritising the body part you will use the most when doing physical activity, which is your foot. Whether you’re active or not, you will still use your feet to move, sprint, jump or run. It’s better to find the appropriate shoes for your foot size and insoles to support the arch and width or height. With this, you can avoid foot injuries and diseases such as bunions, blisters, toenail infection, etc.

So, when you do physical activities, the footwear can protect your feet, ankles and legs. Also, don’t forget to replace your overused shoes because they are less effective.

2) Ankles Padding or Support

Indeed, your foot is the one you will use the most. However, it wouldn’t function properly without ankles because they connect your feet to your leg. Ankles act as a joint to help you move swiftly. If not for them, you’ll walk like a robot with limited movement. Hence, protect these joints by using an ankle brace and ankle guard from Singapore. If you do so, you can have a broader range of movement.

When you wear an ankle brace, it can prevent the risk of fracture, dislocation and strain. If you like playing football, basketball, or soccer, don’t forget to wear it before participating in a game.

3) Mouth Protection

Of course, your mouth is also at risk when doing physical activities. Although your mouth is not the one that makes you move, it’s still a risk when you play with other people. Think of boxing; your opponent will try to punch your face to win. So, if your sport is boxing, don’t forget to wear mouth protection to avoid mouth injuries or worse, it can damage your teeth appearance.

You can also use mouth protection with other activities. For instance, if you’re riding a bike and you fall off while on track, you can hit the ground face first and damage your mouth. It is when the mouth guard will lessen or minimise the damage from the impact.

4) Knee Guards

Now, your knees are the ones who make your body move. Ask yourself: Can I run without knees? Can I sprint, jump, ride a bike, etc.? Of course not; it would not be easy unless you’re willing to make some significant adjustments. Knees are the ones you should not take for granted. They help you achieve a broader range of motions, so use protective gear for them like the knee guard and knee brace in Singapore.

Without them, you can experience knee deformity, swelling, joint instability, or severe wounds. If this happens, it can affect your sports performance and daily routine. Wearing a knee guard and knee brace is a preventive measure that can prevent numerous complications.

5) Helmet

Yes, from head to toe, you need to protect yourself. Some people may make fun of you for being too cautious, but in the end, what matters is your safety. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a helmet because it protects your head from damage. And, don’t be too complacent; once there is a concussion to your head, it affects your overall health.

When you participate in physical activities like riding a bike, mountain biking or soccer, always have your helmet on even if it feels hot or uncomfortable. Wear your knee brace, ankle guard, footwear, and eye protection with your helmet for complete body protection.

6) Vision or Eye Protection

Most importantly, how can you play without sight? It’s impossible to ride a bike without seeing your environment. Hence, don’t forget to wear eye protection. You can use them to avoid dust or dirt getting in your eyes that can cause accidents because of blurry vision. While playing sports like swimming, Google can protect your eyes from underwater particles.

Also, eye protection can improve your vision. For instance, you’re playing under the scorching heat. The sun will blind your eyes and may affect your sports performance. If you’re wearing protection, you can see your environment more clearly without the blinding lights.

Congrats on finally knowing the different protective gears from a knee brace,ankle guards, knee support, and ankle brace. Let’s see what would happen if you don’t practice wearing this protective gear. A gentle reminder: the following section may 100% convince you to buy that protective equipment.


What Would Happen If You Don’t Wear Protective Gear?

The worst scenario: you hear an ambulance towards you while your friends are shouting for help. Like in the movies, this event does happen in real life. Although you feel confident that it won’t happen to you, there’s no harm in ensuring you’re safe while wearing protective gear like a knee brace or ankle guard.

But, if you’re hard-headed and still don’t want to wear protective gear, here are the things that MIGHT happen to you:


1)  Intrusive Injuries

Let’s start with the obvious, not wearing protective gear like an ankle brace is almost synonymous with injuries. There are two types of damages, which are overuse injuries and traumatic injuries. Overuse injuries are from the same activity you do every day, with gradual symptoms showing up, while traumatic injuries occur suddenly.

Regardless of the injury’s nature,  it can feel intrusive to your daily routine. For student-athletes, they would miss out on quizzes and school activities. On the other hand, young professionals would file a medical leave that may affect their job performance.

Lastly, vulnerable people can experience a life-long struggle. Don’t forget to wear your ankle guard, knee support, helmet, and eye protection to avoid intrusive injuries.

2)  High Medical Bill

After getting injuries, you’ll go straight to the hospital for your treatment. You don’t even know how long you will be staying at the hospital, and for this reason, expect to have a high medical bill.  Your injury is already stressing you out. Plus, the financial responsibility of your situation as well!

If you want to save yourself from this headache, invest your money in protective gear like the knee brace,knee support, ankle brace, and ankle guard. Instead of using your money for medical bills, why not spend it on these protective items?

Regardless of the injury, severe or not, you’ll need to pay for the bills. Keep in mind that healthcare can become expensive, so be cautious when participating in physical activities. It’s better to be sure than sorry!

3)  Incapable to Join Physical Activities

Now, it’s good news that you’re finally able to leave the hospital. However, it’s only the start of your healing if you consider the whole recovery timeline. Once you go home, you’ll probably miss your old routine; you might even want to participate in physical activities right away! Unfortunately, you need to take a break and rest for months or even years. Some people may not even play sports for the rest of their lives.

If you’re lucky enough, you can go back to your former lifestyle. A piece of advice: don’t waste this opportunity because it is your second chance to do better. It’s time for you to wear protective gear like the knee brace, ankle guard, eye protection, or helmet.

Be a responsible athlete or fitness enthusiast. Get your body moving with safety precautions for better sports participation.

4)  Low Self-Confidence

Since you need to recover from your injury, you might feel jealous of your friends because they can play sports without worries. It will make you feel less confident the way you used to show. If you’re a student-athlete, it can impact your sports career, especially if you plan to get a university scholarship. See, a minor injury has a domino effect on your life in different areas.

Injuries can also change the way you look. You might get a scratch on your face, dislocated knee, or use an axillary crutch that may catch attention. Your injury can also prevent you from working out and may halt your fitness progress.

Overlooking the importance of protective gear can make an impact on your life in unexpected ways. So, starting from today, get your knee brace, ankle guard, knee support, ankle brace, eye protection, and others to avoid such unfortunate events.

5)  Demanding Aftercare Treatment

Your injuries may require demanding attention, so you can fully recover. Your doctor may need you to go back from the clinic every week or month. With this, it could feel like a tedious task as you progress. It can also affect your daily routine; for instance, instead of going out with friends, you’ll go to the hospital for a check-up.

Your weekends are for hobbies and travelling, but your injuries may disrupt this plan because of the demanding aftercare treatment. Plus, the medicine, wound care products and other necessities can become expensive! It may take your money and time that you don’t voluntarily want to invest in the first place.

To avoid this demanding aftercare treatment, guarantee that you’ll use protective gear like a knee brace, ankle guard, helmet, or supportive footwear. This way, you decrease the risk of getting an injury.

6)  May Lose Motivation

An accident or injury is a life event that no one is expecting. After all, who wants to experience life-threatening situations? As you physically survive the injury, your heart and mind may lose their motivation or worse; you may suffer from mental health. If this happens, consult a psychiatrist immediately for guidance. The injury may affect the way you view the world. You might feel that the universe stripped your privilege to enjoy life.

Well, try not to think that way, and look for the much better side. Once you survive an accident, people will feel inspired by the way you continue your life. People can see that an injury will not define your character. Most importantly, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts will know the importance of using protective gear like the knee brace, ankle guard, footwear, helmet.

Remember this when you feel like losing hope and motivation: an injury will not define you as a person, but instead, it’s a life situation that you can use to inspire other people.


Be Active With Protective Gears

Being physically active is something that society praises most of the time, including fit people, athletes, and health enthusiasts. But, behind it, there is a responsibility everyone should know — the use of protective gears. Yes, moving your body is an admirable act, but wearing protective gear makes you more responsible.

Fortunately, Rigorer offers items like a knee brace, ankle guard,knee support and ankle brace in Singapore. The start of your active life should be by visiting their website here to get your protective gear. After this, you can ensure to have a safe physical and sports activity.