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 A Chinese yoga class is an exercise that does not only focus on physical improvement. It also improves your mental and emotional state by calming your soul. There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself to the limit until you get the desired results. However, in your journey, you might’ve neglected your well-being.

You might’ve pushed yourself too hard without resting your body. Or perhaps, you’re dieting too much, which makes you weak. On the contrary, yoga is more of a laid back exercise routine because it encourages students to be mindful by clearing their minds. Now, if you’re planning to stay fit while maintaining a healthy state of mind, here are the reasons why attending a yoga teacher training in Singapore is a good choice.

Why Choose Yoga

After signing up for your Chinese yoga class, you’re always yourself: is this the right choice, or should I go to the gym instead? To remove all those doubts, let this section give you the reasons why choosing yoga is also beneficial. Keep in mind that your enjoyment matters when doing physical exercises. Only this way can you truly appreciate your journey towards a better body and health.

  • Reduce Stress – There are already many things you juggle in life: work, personal, health, money, etc. When all of these get entangled, it will affect your mental health, which will lead to anxiety and depression. To avoid this, you can take yoga classes because it reduces stress. The instructor will guide you with breathing exercises in Chinese yoga class and clear your mind.
  • Improve Concentration – Yoga classes also improve concentration because it helps clear your mind. Your Chinese yoga teacher will advise you on how to stay in the present and not worry about the future. It’s also good for your mental health, making you less focused on your problems.
  • Gain More Strength – You’ll learn yoga poses and stands as you become a practitioner. As you progress, you’ll gain strength and improve your overall physical health. You’ll notice how your body becomes more adaptable to vigorous activities.
  • Improve Posture – Are you sitting in front of your laptop or computer all day long? Mindlessly, you might recline your back and give you back pain or a stiff neck. If you continue doing this, you’ll have bad posture. Luckily, attending a Chinese yoga class can improve your posture because it relaxes tight areas of your body.
  • Love Your Body – Yoga is not about getting tight abs and booty or toned legs. It’s about making your body healthy. Every type of body size is welcome here, and you don’t have to be insecure because of how you look.

Indeed, yoga is inclusive for different kinds of people. It’s a good start if you want to stay healthy. But to become a practitioner, you need to practise being mindful. Continue reading the article to learn some tips on bringing mindfulness when attendingyoga teacher training in Singapore.



How to Be More Mindful When Doing Yoga

Practising yoga is not all about doing the correct poses or breathing exercises. It would help if you also cleared your mind. However, it can be challenging because many things can distract you from concentrating, like technology, life problems, and worries. These can diminish the quality of your yoga practice.

Here are some tips for becoming more mindful when attending a yoga instructor course in Singapore to calm your mind.

1) Stay Away from Your Phone

Mindlessly scrolling your phone when watching TikTok videos will never be productive. It’ll only trap you into a vortex where you don’t notice the time passing by hours or minutes. When attending your Chinese yoga class, you need to stay away from your phone for the meantime. Technology can become a source of distraction because of notifications, sounds, and random videos.

2) Focus on the Present

Indeed many things can make you worry about the future. Can I pay all the monthly bills? Can I find a job? What will happen to my life? Those questions will only cause you anxiety and racing thoughts. To solve this, you need to focus on the present. While you breathe in and out, appreciate the little things in your life that make you more thankful. Focus on this moment: your body’s alive, and you’re living at this exact second.

3) Calm Your Emotions

Before going to your yoga teacher training class in Singapore, you might feel random emotions from sadness and anger to frustration. It’s normal because you’re only human. Fortunately, you have the power to calm your emotions and make you more mindful. You’ll become more aware of your poses, breathing patterns, and thoughts as you do this. Use your yoga experience to let go of your emotions and clear your mind.

4) Focus on Yourself

When attending a yoga instructor course, you’ll have other classmates from all walks of life. Other people can also have different body shapes and skin colours. Some may even look fitter than you. Instead of feeling jealous, why not focus on yourself? Every one of us has different life goals and purposes.

And it would be best not to compare yourself with others because it can only distract you from achieving your goals. You’d better make friends with them rather than compare yourself to other people.

5) Find Peace in the Midst of Adversity

Life happens, and problems arise unexpectedly. Perhaps, your computer suddenly broke, or a meeting was delayed. It can make you frustrated and not at peace while attending a Chinese yoga class. Although it’s not easy to stay calm during these challenging times, you need to find peace in adversity to keep you present-minded and focused when doing yoga poses.

6) Clear Your Space

Finally, clearing your space or doing yoga in a quiet environment can help you stay mindful. For instance, you can book a studio or find a park where you can practice yoga with your Chinese yoga teacher. If you’re practising at home, look for a space where you can do yoga peacefully without any disturbances.

Start healthy and mindful living today with Yoga Mandala. Visit their website to sign-up for the yoga instructor course in Singapore.