7 Reasons Why Goa should be on your Travel List Post Lockdown


If you have been through the topsy turvy times the coronavirus had us all grappling with, chances are you are sitting in your living room with bags packed and shoes tied, eagerly awaiting an announcement from the government that it is safe to go outside. Of course, we don’t mean all of this will be over and we go back to the old days. There is no going back. In this pre-corona and post-corona phase, the one thing we do know for sure is precautions will be the new essentials.

So if you haven’t planned a trip or decided on a destination yet, may we suggest a short trip to Goa after the lockdown is over? Sounds unlikely? Ridiculous? Read on!

We have to live with the fact that Corona is here to stay and we need to come to terms with it. In this new imagined reality of sorts, here’s how you can travel again – travel with a small group of trusted individuals who you know personally, pack as many bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizers as you can, travel only to places where social distancing is possible, wear a face mask everywhere and last but definitely not the least, hire Savaari’s safe and sanitized car rental in Goa and avoid using public transport.

The deserted beaches of South Goa

Goa receives the highest number of footfalls in the north. That is where the actual crowd is. South Goa has always been offbeat and not the most preferred option for the party animals. But the tables have now turned. Since the beaches in South Goa are mostly deserted, they are also perfect for practicing social distancing. You can relax and unwind away from the popular tourist places in Goa keeping your paranoia at bay.

Cheap Booze after the pay cuts

Most of you, if not all, suffered pay cuts during the COVID 19 pandemic. Managing finances through those periods was nothing short of a nightmare. We second you!  And while we all cut down on our expenses by restricting everything to just essentials, at least in Goa you can still chug three bottles of beer at dirt cheap prices. Cheap booze and beach vibes are just the right medicine we need for all those missed weekend parties and broke bank accounts.

Re-activate your Instagram

If you have noticed, social media has been dead for the last couple of months. That is because people have nothing to do and nowhere to go. In fact, by now we all have exhausted our treasure trove of throwback pictures as well. So head to Goa for the “Vitamin Sea” hashtags you missed on your feed this year and start a “responsible travel” trend on Instagram.

Nature Therapy

After constantly being trapped in concrete cages for months on end, the sound of the waves crashing is probably the therapy you need. We all missed out on the simple pleasures in life like listening to the sound of birds chirping, admiring a beautiful sunset, or even just breathing fresh air. Take a break from staring into your screens all day long and celebrate life.

Indulge in some adventure after months of monotony

Getaway from the crowds and try jungle trekking in South Goa. There are many popular wildlife sanctuaries in South Goa that let you explore the beauty of this place. Cotiago wildlife sanctuary is an interesting place to indulge in jungle trekking. The sanctuary is home to a number of wild animals and rare species of birds, so you can expect nothing short of a delightful time that will leave you reeling with joy, but more importantly, connect you with nature and wildlife.

Take an Ayurveda Massage

If you are looking for a place to relax and to find some mental peace after the overwhelming lockdown, then the Ayurveda Massages in South Goa are the perfect solution for you. The place is well-known to deliver some of the best massages that can relax the body and mind. The popular places that can help you to get these massages are Margao, Palolem, Agonda, Vasco Da Gama, etc. These massages are amazing for stress relief, blood circulation, back pain as well as glowing skin. A little pampering after some of the darkest days would not hurt anyone, right!

Take a road trip

This is probably the best time to go on a road trip. Actually, any time is a good time for a road trip in Goa. In fact, South Goa is blessed with some of the best routes and roads. The beautiful locales, empty narrow roads, brightly coloured houses, smiling faces, swaying coconut trees make your road trip an interesting affair. You can easily get a Savaari’s Goa taxi service on rent for your safe ride across this coastal beauty.

The insidious COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way we traveled before. Now more than ever, safety and hygiene are the topmost priority of every traveller. It is important to travel in spaces that are personal, safe and sanitized and it is only valid to have these expectations before you head to your first vacation after covid. One such car rental company that has been grabbing the attention of road trippers lately with their sanitization hygiene is Savaari. Savaari Car Rentals have been ensuring the safety of their customers with sanitizer equipped cars that are internally and externally sanitized at regular intervals along with frequent ventilation, before and after each trip. Choose your travel partners wisely.

Happy holidays to you!
Travel Safe!