7 Things To Do On A First Date


It’s normal to get nervous before a first date – especially when there’s a lot at stake. Men’s magazines are full of pointers and how-to’s for those who are not well versed in the art of dating. These recommendations will help any guy to woo the beautiful Sugar Baby he’s been talking to on My BDSM Hookups

#1. Arranging the date: 

Call her; don’t arrange a date over the internet or text messages. Besides, hearing her voice over the phone will reduce the nervous jitters on date night. Keep the conversation under 10 minutes long. Do not proceed to tell her your life story; there will be time for that later. And, when setting up a day and time for your first encounter, remember that you will have a better chance of turning on the romantic charm after sundown; daytime dates rarely result in a goodnight kiss. 

#2. Preparation: 

While tails are not necessary, a sports jacket or a nice sweater might do you good: remember that first impressions are lasting impressions. If you use cologne, don’t use too much; you want to knock her out figuratively, not literally. And, no: cologne is not a stand-in for a shower. Show that you’re putting in an effort by matching your brown belt to your brown shoes. 

#3. The Pick Up: 

Be punctual. If you say you will be there at 7, arrive at 6:59. This shows your sincerity and ability to plan ahead. If you take a cab, pay the fare in advance so she doesn’t witness the exchange of money. If you drive to her apartment, don’t beep the horn; get out of the car and use the doorbell. Some magazines suggest that flowers are out-dated, but an understated token of your affection does speak for thoughtfulness. 

#4. When Together: 

Take her to a restaurant or bar where you will be sure to be among the best looking guys in the room. Have your credit card on hand and slip it before you sit down. This is suave show of chivalry underscores your money and class while also avoiding a distasteful interruption by the waiter at the end of the meal. Don’t order for your date; this tradition was outdated when they gave women the right to vote. 

#5. Conversation: 

Do not talk about your ex. No matter how traumatic the break up was, talking about your ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or ex-lover will result in another traumatic scene with your current date. Also, treat your dinner like a night at the theatre or music hall and turn off your cell phone. Your buddies and business associates will just have to wait: she is more important than they are. 

#6. Fine Dining: 

Don’t eat with your fingers, don’t play with your food, and definitely don’t eat off of her plate uninvited. Go one-for-one with her on drinks: drinking too heavily will reflect poorly upon your restraint and not drinking enough will make her feel uncomfortable. Additionally, the question is not whether she wants dessert; it is what she wants for dessert. (Women love chocolate.)

#7. Ever After: 

Walk at her pace; women’s shoes were not designed for comfort. Especially if it’s raining, the man should always be on the street-side of the sidewalk; a passing car could splash a puddle all over her nylons and silk hemline. You can make the first move to kiss her, but, even if she acquiesces, do not assume that you are invited inside… unless she explicitly invites you. Call her not more than three days later to say hello, thank her for the company and to make another date. If she does not pick up, then ask her to call you back. If she does not call back, do not stalk her; find a new girl instead for bdsm dates.