8 Times In Life Your Dubai Visa Application Might Get Denied


Dubai is a fast-growing economy in the world that welcomes tourists, scholars, and workers whole heartedly. But to visit the UAE for education, work, or travelling purpose, you would require securing a visa. Now that you are planning to visit the country soon, here’s presenting the times when your visa might get rejected.

#1 The Application Is Incomplete 

Providing incorrect or incomplete information is one of the key reasons why your residence visa gets rejected. Other issues that lead to visa rejection in Dubai are:

  • A damaged passport
  • A mismatch between the form’s arrival date and travel date on your flight ticket
  • Deviations in information on your application form when compared to information on the ID proof

#2 Overnight Stay on the Previous Visa

When the visa applicant stays more than the given duration in Dubai, it leads to visa rejections or delays. Some tourists visiting Dubai have the habit of staying even after the visa expiration date. That may result in fines and visa rejections in the future. 

#3 Errors in the Application

When the documents submitted for the UAE permanent residency visa have typographical mistakes or numeric errors, the visa might get rejected. Some of the mistakes include:

  • Mistakes in number (s)
  • Spelling mistake in the name
  • Errors in codes 
  • Wrong date of birth

#4 No Cancellation of A Previous Visa

When you earlier had a residential visa & did not cancel it before leaving the country, authorities may reject the application for your tourist visa. An individual’s prior residence visa must get released to the UAE Immigration Service.

#5 Prior Visa Applications without Entering the UAE

Suppose you previously applied for the visa but did not enter the country within the validity period. That might be another reason why your next visa to enter Dubai might get rejected. In such a case, you need to approve your previous visa by the PRO before you apply for another visa.

#6 Occupation of the Claimant

As per the criteria, the applicant must be in a skilful profession. If the UAE authorities denote your profession as “unskilled,” chances are that your visa will get rejected. 

#7Any Prior Crime 

Applicants with any kind of criminal offences, fraud, and misconduct recorded in the UAE will witness a visa rejection. The UAE follows a common blacklist that prevents criminals from entering the country.

#8 Similar Identities in Your Family

If the applicant has a family member with similar birth dates or names, they might see their visa getting delayed or refused. Suppose a family of six members submits the records together. And if two or three members in the family share the same birth date or name, they may require clarifying it before submitting their visa application.

There might be other parameters that result in the visa denial. But if you want to avoid any visa rejection or denial, ensure that the passport is valid for a minimum of six months while applying for the Dubai visa. Also, make sure that the fields get filled correctly without spelling or factual errors. Lastly, remember that you must submit valid documents only. Learn more about UAE permanent residency visas from professionals at Emirazbiz.