9 Essential Features to Include in Your eCommerce Website


Everyone knows that times have changed. The way industries work and operate their business is something people from 100 years ago would probably never imagine to happen.

With the rise of technology and wide accessibility to the public, they have to adapt. Otherwise, businesses would have a hard time attracting customers and making their products and services known.

If you are planning to establish an eCommerce store, its website design should be outstanding. You should know that a seamless website design and good SEO go hand in hand. Both would help increase the online presence of your business.

To help you make that happen, here are the must-have features that your eCommerce website design should have.

What Are the Features Essential in an eCommerce Website Design?

Unlike an ordinary business site, there are a lot of features to include in eCommerce website design. That is why before launching it officially, make sure that you have everything that would help your customer have a good shopping experience.


The reason your eCommerce website design should be mobile-friendly is simple—there are many mobile users all over the world. According to Statista, 7.1 billion people use mobile phones for surfing and shopping.

Therefore, if you do not consider this target audience, you are missing out. Those people visiting your website will have a hard time when using their smartphones, and they might look for another similar shop as a result.

To prevent that from happening, consider using responsive web design for your business in Singapore. That way, anyone can view your website no matter what device they use.


If you want to convince your customers to buy the product you are selling, you need to show them how good it is.

The best way to do that is to post shots from different angles. As such, they would not have a hard time imagining how the product looks in person.

Just make sure all the visuals you post are all in high-resolutions. Otherwise, pixelated photos might convince them that you are selling poor quality products.


Another way to convince your customers through your eCommerce website design is to add user-generated reviews. These are feedback coming from the previous customers who bought the product in the past.

With these, the one viewing the product would become more convinced in buying it since the last buyer had a good experience. Just make sure those reviews posted there indeed come from actual people, real customers.


Everyone loves discounts. When someone notices it, they become more motivated to buy things from that shop.

Therefore, when creating a website design for your company in Singapore, do not forget to include special deals. As much as possible, place the promo at the top of the website on every page. Doing so should help the customers see it at any time.


Adding these two features would make the life of your customers a lot easier. Here are the differences between the two.

  • SHOPPING CART. Thanks to this feature, customers would be able to review the things they are going to buy.
  • WISH LISTS: With this feature, customers can remember what products caught their attention a few days or some time ago.

Either way helps customers be smart of their purchases since they can review things before checking out.


Another way to improve the eCommerce website design of your business is to include the phrase YOU MIGHT LIKE. With this, customers would gain more options on the things they want to buy.

For example, if a customer is looking for a smartphone, adding suggestions underneath would help them think things through. They can compare which one is better between the related items your site suggested below.

In short, related items help customers make the right or better choice for their purchases.


Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, online shops should be available 24/7. That way those people who want to buy things from your shop, would be able to do it at any time.

And since you are not always online to see things through because you are asleep or have other stuff to do, FAQs can fill that gap. With these added features, customers can find the answers to their questions themselves. As such, they no longer have to wait for your response since the answers to the most frequently asked questions are already there.


Every buyer wants different things. To help them find what they are looking for, you should include search bars and categories in the eCommerce website design of your business.

For example, if they are looking for a flash drive, they can quickly find it by filtering the category or searching the keyword on the search bar. By then, they no longer have to turn each page to locate what they want to get.


To guarantee the safety and privacy of your customers, you should include the following features in the eCommerce website design of your business.:

  • SSL certificate.
  • Two-way authentication.
  • Use a firewall.
  • Link the privacy setting in the footer of the website.

Be Smart When Creating an eCommerce Website Design for Your Business!


Before creating an eCommerce website design for your business, you should make sure that you are ready. Besides having enough funds, it is best to hire a website design company in Singapore.

With them by your side, you would not have to wonder what other features you should include making your site stand out. Also, creating the entire site will be a lot quicker since they have been doing it for years. Therefore, do yourself a favour and hire a website design company that you think can help you.

But if you think you need extra funds to create a website for your business, consider applying for grants for website design. If you need help, then let Efusion lend you a hand. All you need to do is reach out to them, whether through call or message.