A guide to venetian polished plaster

Home Improvement

Polished plaster are used for creating decorative plaster finishes. The plaster finishes include textured design, marble design, concrete design, etc. The polished plasters are made from marble dust, slaked lime and water. Evoke Polished Plaster is one of the manufacturers of polished plasters. They develop quality polished plasters by continuously honing their skills. The plasters produced by them are of good quality which increases the durability of the plasters. To maximize the performance of polished plasters a layer of wax must be applied on the walls. A craftsman must be hired to make complete use of the benefits of the polished plasters.

Different forms of polished plaster finishes

  • Dragged: This type of polished plaster finish is inspired with the patterns on the rock. These finishes have rugged surfaces and are designed horizontally. It is also known as semi-polished finish.
  • Pitted: It is another type of dragged plaster finish. Pitted finishes also have rugged surfaces. It is made by composition of hydrated lime and crushed marble. It gives your walls a depth that sparks interest of the viewer.
  • Travertine: Travertine also has a directional quality similar to travertine stone. The surface of the travertine wall has low sheen. The travertine walls even if coated with single colour, evokes more than one tone.

Reason to use polished plaster for homes

  • Polished plasters are durable plasters. It lasts for a long period of time without any deterioration.
  • It gives the walls a natural effect of marble, texture or rugged surface.
  • The use of polished plaster enhances the beauty of the house.
  • Low maintenance cost is involved as it lasts a lifetime.
  • Different shade of colours can be created by tinting the polished plasters.
  • It is also waterproof and hence can also be used in the kitchen and bathroom.