A memorable weekend getaway to Agra with Savaari


When the lockdown started, initially I wasn’t rattled as most people I know. Working from home is great for a self-employed professional and in fact, it was quite comfortable. But after three straight months of doing the same, it hit a saturation point. The idea of not having the option to go out started to pinch. Then, as soon as Lockdown 1.0 was lifted, I realized that I needed a quick break from the monotony and recharge myself.

Traveling isn’t the same anymore and I had to consider safety, hygiene, and my destination before I stepped out. A year ago, I had been to Agra and stayed at this cozy homestay with an elderly couple who were authors. I usually like to fly out wherever I need to go but this wasn’t one of those times. Ergo, I decided that I should rent a car for my journey. I checked online for available car options with E-passes and managed to hire Savaari’s reliable and safe Delhi to Agra cab with an experienced driver.

It is not only a more hygienic option, considering I am the only one in the car and at a distance from the driver, but also convenient than spending more time in a crowded airport (especially in these times) for long hours.

As has been my experience with Savaari, the driver was on time, wore face mask, gloves, and sanitized the seats before I stepped in and I immediately felt comfortable.

Within 4 hours I was at my homestay, thanks to almost no traffic on the Taj Expressway. My hosts ensured all safety checks before I moved in. It felt as good as being at home! And yet, I could get away from the daily grind of being within my apartment.

The homestay was just what I needed. With a dog and a cat keeping me busy all day and hanging out with my hosts, it was like a home away from home and yet a safe space. Typically, when on a solo trip, I would like to go around town, explore local haunts, etc. But the idea of this quick break was only to relax and keep my mind away from work and the paranoia going around.

Both my hosts now being home all day, have been experimenting with cocktails and exotic cuisines. They even set up a barbecue place in the small backyard. After three months of living on quick-fix meals, the food, drinks, and the company felt like ultimate luxury! One evening, their guitarist neighbor joined us for drinks and a jamming session.

The next couple of days just passed playing with the pets, discussing modern literature, appreciating art and music, and not to mention, indulging in delectable meals. Not for once I missed going out, especially being in a city like Agra, where it’s hard to keep my itchy feet from exploring.

Truth be told, I was a little apprehensive at first about doing this. But it all turned out well for me, mostly because of how I could travel. A friend had earlier used Savaari’s safe and sanitized Delhi to Chandigarh cab, and recommended their services during lockdown. I was glad I made it the right travel choice during these unsure times and that made it reliable and safe.