Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Feeding Chairs


Being a new parent means always considering only the best for your child, especially when it comes to its safety and comfort. One such option to consider is a baby feeding chair. Others might have already suggested you get one due to all the benefits it offers. However, it’s better to go through both sides of an aspect. Therefore, we shall have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of a baby feeding chair. We’ll let you decide whether to purchase one or not. If you do decide to purchase one, visit for a good deal in Sri Lanka.


  • Comfort and safety

Baby feeding chairs make it quite comfortable for the babies to have their meal. Properly padded adjustable seats promise optimal comfort for the baby. Moreover, baby feeding chairs emphasize on added features for the maximum safety of the baby. A three or five-point harness with lockable wheels will keep your baby out of trouble.

  • Provides freedom

With a baby feeding chair, you can watch your baby learning to eat on his own independently. You only need to place the food in the food tray and let the baby feed itself. Doing so will not only encourage the baby to try eating everything on its own but will give you a break as well. You can watch your child grow by going through new experiences.

  • Allows socializing

While sitting in a baby feeding chair, the baby observes and interacts with other family members. This allows the child to socialize with others and gain confidence. The baby copies what it watches other family members doing and gives a chance to learn new things. A baby feeding chair is also a perfect spot to try out fun activities with the baby, such as painting, sketching, or writing.


  • Height

One of the major risks that come along a baby feeding chair is the height of the chair itself. Baby feeding chairs are heightened from the ground, and therefore, the impact of the fall will be higher from the chair. It could result in sometimes mild or even severe brain injuries.

  • Babies can become too attached

Although baby feeding chairs promote good eating habits, a child can become too much attached to its chair. As a result, the child might have trouble eating anywhere else other than its chair. Such a scenario can be too problematic, especially if you are traveling or out on a trip where it’s not possible to bring the chair along.

  • Extra space and money

The wide range of benefits offered by baby feeding chairs comes with a price. Many people would still consider these chairs a waste of space and money.  For those who grew up without such a chair still, made it didn’t they? Well, if you think your baby is doing just fine without a baby feeding chair, then buying one would only cost but not pay.


Baby feeding chairs make our life easier by aiding the baby in many ways. From easy meals to comfy seats and much more, these chairs offer a ton of advantages. However, one should not ignore the risks that come along. Make sure that the chair’s leg is not broken or defected in any way. Also, always double-check the strap, and don’t let your baby stand on the chair. With proper care, any chance of a mishap can be prevented.