Alzheimer’s: The Disease Affecting Several Elderly People


Alzheimer’s disease is considered to be a progressive form of dementia. This is more like a brain injury that will hurt your memory, thinking, and behavior. This eventually has a lot of negative impacts on your lifestyle. Several Alzheimer’s patients suffer from it mostly because of dementia.

Although there is no complete cure for dementia, the doctors are working towards making the progress of the disease slow. If things are not kept in check, Alzheimer’s may start progressing at a rapid state right from the age of 65. However, the symptoms and impact will become clear only in later ages.

This is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in older adults. The symptoms lead to cognitive decline. Putting the older adult into treatment can be of great help for slowing the progress of the disease. Ryan Smith, Lexington KY, suggests that often people have confused Alzheimer’s with dementia, but this is not the case. Alzheimer’s isn’t dementia but a form of it. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s may vary in different people. Therefore, it is essential to keep a check with it.

Causes and risk factors of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s may affect the patient based on different reasons. The experts over the years have identified several potential reasons that may affect the people. Some of the prominent reasons why the patient may develop Alzheimer’s include the following.

Age: Aging is one of the main reasons for people who have Alzheimer’s. Usually, people over the age of 65 start exhibiting the symptoms of dementia.

Family history: Family history contributes to the risk of dementia in the individual. Ryan Smith, Lexington KY, suggests that if any of your family members was suffering from Alzheimer’s, there is a high chance that you may too.

Genetics: Alzheimer’s is also considered to be a genetic disorder, mostly hereditary.

Often people suggest that having any one of the risk factors will make you prone to Alzheimer’s. However, this is not so. The presence of any of the risk factors will only increase the risk level of getting affected by the disease.