Are Persian Rugs Special?

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A Persian rug is a hand-woven rug, designed to beautify the area of placement. It is recognized for being a heavy textile variety and used as a symbol mainly for homes and export purposes. These are carpet-style weaving, reflecting the Iranian art, making it essential in the culture. These are the antiques and go well with almost every theme. So even if you have been renovating your home with the modernized touch, your antique Persian rugs will go well.

Persian rugs as floor covering

Normally Persian rugs are not only considered as a floor covering. Instead, these are the artwork reflecting the Iranian culture with the use of rich colors and extremely interesting designs. All of them are handmade using natural wool and vegetable dyes. When placed in a house, these also serve as decoration pieces. The quality and durability of these rugs make them extra-special for consumers.

Even if you are an investor, having invested in Persian rugs may offer you long-term benefits, if maintained well.

Things to consider when buying Persian rugs

  • Does it create a sense of attraction

When looking for a Persian rug in the market, it is essential to look for it if it is a real rug. Obviously, when paying a heavy amount, being it an original one matters the most. Although hand-woven, the printing design on the rug is something that adds value to it. Since Persian rugs are known to have a value on it’s own, when it reflects the Persian culture, this makes it an interesting option for everyone. A beautiful piece of rug that adds joy to the room is something worth investing in. Vibrancy in colors is also a plus factor when one is to purchase a rug for their drawing-room.

  • Check the knot count

Persian rugs are traditional and when purchasing them, looking at their knot also adds value to what is being paid for it. When originally Persian rugs, they carry 120 knots per square inch. Checking the knot from the underside can open up the secret if it is real or not.


  • Check the style for Persian rug

Persian rug appears in multiple styles and when willing to purchase, it is best to look at its different styles. Some of the common ones include the following;

  • Tabriz rugs- these are up with an exceptionally diverse pattern, ranging from the hunting scenes and trees to teardrop. These carry priceless possessions.
  • Kashan rugs- If you have been looking for a trademark patterned floral field with a unique corner, there is no better option than Kashan.
  • Isfahan rugs- Such high-quality style for Persian rug is more than something amazing. They lay either silk or cotton foundation, with the intricacy in designs, offering a symmetrical and balanced look.

Ready to offer your home a complete look? Choose the best style of rug and have it maintained to make the investment worth it!