Are Printing Materials Still Relevant Marketing Tools in 2021?


Is traditional print advertising dead? 

Over the years, many business owners continue to ask this question. Are printing materials still relevant marketing tools? Do they have a place in the future of advertising? The shortest answer is yes. 

Printing materials still matter, and many people value them. According to a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, 82% of consumers trust and prefer to read printed materials rather than online pop-ups. 

As you can see, despite the buzz of digital marketing, the traditional advertising channels remain standing. That means printing materials are not dead, and they would stay afloat for a long time. 

How is it possible? Why do people favour print more than digital?

Just like you, other people also hate it when something interrupts them on what they are doing.

Here, imagine this scenario. 

You are watching a trending video on YouTube, then suddenly, a one-minute pop-up ad appears, forcing you to watch it until the end. Even though one minute does not take long, it feels like an eternity, which can spoil the user’s mood. As a result, instead of attracting the customer to support the brand, they might hate it. 

Sometimes, to prevent online pop-up ads from appearing, some consumers use ad blockers. Currently, 42.7% of people use this tool, so nothing would spoil their time while browsing the internet. 

With those facts presented, it is safe to say that booklets, name cards, flyers and other printing materials in Singapore do more than you can ever imagine. To further convince you, read on to discover why they are still relevant marketing tools today and what you should do to design effective printing materials.

Why Should Printing Materials Still Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?


Whether you just started a company or been in business for years, you have to rely on giving out your name card and other printing materials in Singapore. You should know that online advertising alone is not enough. Yes, it may have a wide range to attract customers, but it only gains attention to people who are browsing online. 

Then what about the people passing by where your business is? Do they know what kind of industry you are, let alone the products and services you sell?

The answer will depend on you. Note that how you promote your brand to the people passing through your shop could make or break the impression they have for your business.

That is why when you approach them, you should hand out some flyers and other printing materials. Doing so would most likely help them remember who and what your business is. According to a report from Forbes, 70% of people often recall what they read in print rather than online. In other words, the printing materials can beat digital advertising. 

To further elaborate on why you should include this in your marketing strategy, read the reasons below.



Everyone knows that digital marketing gains a lot of attention. After all, you can see it everywhere, from your newsfeed on Facebook to stories on Instagram. Of course, all of this happens due to the rapid growth of technology. According to Statistica, 59.5% of the world population have internet access and are active internet users. 

But even if that is the case, digital marketing does not always succeed in attracting customers. Many people ended up ignoring them the moment they pop-up on the screen. They often want to find the X mark so they can get rid of it out of their sight. The truth is, an average person spends more time reading snail mail than a newsletter from an email. No wonders why printing materials can generate so much more than digital marketing. 


Even though a booklet and other printing materials in Singapore gain more attention than pop-up ads, you should not solely rely on them. Remember, a successful way to attract customers is to do both ways. Combining traditional print and digital advertising would make a brand stand out more. As a result, many people would become more aware of your business.

For example, if your business is a coffee shop, you would not only hand out flyers that contain what you sell. There should also be details about which social media or website they could contact you. And that would help those people who received your printing materials since they know where to follow you and get news about your coffee shop. 

In other words, handing out leaflets in public places can also help you gain traffic and lead to your digital platforms. And that is a win-win situation for you since you are hitting two birds in one stone. 


Have you ever heard of a debate about ebooks vs printed books? If so, then you should know that many people love the feel of paper. The same logic applies to printing materials. A well-produced one can generate a deep-seated reaction in the reader for many reasons. 

For starters, a high-quality paper material feels good when touched. Its texture and weight make the printing materials more appealing, even more so if it has a high-resolution image. As a result, the person holding them would have no other choice but to check the printing materials from back to back. 

In other words, the overall experience they gain from the flyers or other printing materials you handed out in Singapore has more tangible impressions, which is why they stay in their minds longer.


As the age of information evolves, our attention span gets shorter. It is just as you suspected; people cannot seem to wait even for a while. That is why Google often recommends businesses to have their webpage load within three seconds. Otherwise, their potential customers would leave right away and not even bother to read the content they have on the website. 

Besides that, an average person nowadays often multitasks. That means they most likely use several tabs and check many things at once. In other words, even if they see a few digital ads, they would not remember what those ads are.

But things are different with printing materials. People would spend time reading the entire content and make the printing materials a more valuable marketing investment. 


As mentioned above, more people remember what they have read in print. That is why it is an ideal way to make a brand more recognisable.

That is why when you are about to launch a new product, make sure to hand out some flyers and other printing materials in the streets of Singapore. Doing so should help your brand gain more attention, and people would become more aware of your business. 

Just make sure to hand out those printing materials a few weeks before your launch date. This trick would help your potential customers prepare and share the news with the people they know.


Printing materials are relatively inexpensive since they can last longer. 


Unlike digital advertisement, when there is no longer a budget, it will stop working. That means your target audience would no longer see your online pop-up ads on their screen or anywhere else.

On the other hand, once printing materials get printed, they will live and be around for a long time. You do not have to pay for them over and over again so your target audience would see them. As long as the text and colours are vividly visible and readable, they can still attract customers and help you gain more profit.


Another marvellous thing about the name card and other printing materials in Singapore is that anyone can give them to others.

For example, if a friend of your customers asks where they got this or that product, all they need to do is show the name card or what you gave them. As a result, they would take time to drop by and check your shop out. 

As you have noticed, there are many reasons why you should include printing materials as part of your marketing strategy. Note that even if they are an old approach, they are still more powerful than ever before. 

How to Design Effective Printing Materials?


Since there are over 546,685 registered businesses in Singapore, the more your business needs to stand out among the competition. Besides getting the crowd’s attention online, you also have to catch their attention in person. A seamless way to do this is to make your printing materials look more appealing than ever. 

To make that happen, take note of these tips. Doing so should help you make your flyers and other printing materials in Singapore one of a kind. 



Once you hand out the printing materials, the first thing they would read is the headline. That is why it needs to be interesting so it would intrigue the mind of the reader. Here are some ways that can help you come up with one. 

  • Facts how relevant your industry is.
  • A quote from a known person or a phrase from the feedback about your business.
  • A pub or wordplay that would give the reader a good laugh.

Note that when thinking about a catchy, bold headline, mind who your target audience is. Since Singapore is a diverse country, some details do not mean okay to other beliefs. Therefore, do your research well.


Adding this would help the people understand and remember the content included in your printing materials. As a result, they would not get tired or bored reading them.

But make sure the graphics you are using on your printing materials are all related to the headline and the products or services you are promoting. Otherwise, your efforts would not pay off since people would get confused about the mismatched content.


Speaking of content, the text written on your printing materials should not be longer than three to five sentences.

You should know if you create a wall of text, no one would read it. People would only skim and check out the things they think are significant. And that is an ineffective way to promote your business. 

That is why when writing content, keep it clear and concise. Doing so should help the readers understand what you want to convey to them.


Besides the headline, the readers would also notice the font used on it. If you use Comic San as the font of your printing materials, people would think of them as a joke.

To prevent that from happening, make sure to think about what font you should use. To make things easier, know the difference between Serif, San Serif, Slab Serif, Script, and Decorative. Those are the types of font you can choose from for your painting materials.


Even though black and white look minimalist, people would not get enticed to look at them. As a result, the cost you paid for the printing materials will be for nought.

That is why make sure your printing materials are all in full colour. Doing so should help catch the attention of the reader at first sight. 



Traditional print advertising is here to stay. As you have read above, many people value print ads. That means they would remain an avenue to advertising a business.

Therefore, if you think posters and other printing materials in Singapore are dead, think again. As you know, as long as physical consumer presence remains, traditional print advertising will continue to be valuable.

As a wise business owner, you would not hesitate to include this approach as part of your marketing strategy. Indeed, combining print and digital advertising gives you the best of both worlds. As a result, more and more people would trust and support your brand.

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