Are There Any Restrictions On Roulette Betting? 


The game of roulette can be very entertaining and enjoyable as any of the card games at a casino. The casino gaming industry is one where you can find entertainment and also make a good amount of money, if you play it well and if the luck favors you. But there are some chances of a game going bad and you losing some money as well. 

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Coming to the topic of the day, are there any restrictions on your betting’s in a game of roulette? The simple answer is ‘YES’. Nevertheless, many times what happens in the actuality is that after you decide to play the game and buy the chips, you will find all the instructions about the betting limitations on the table limit sign or the plaque. 

This may not sound like a fair play but as a seasoned player, you may know that many a thing in a card game may not sound like a fair play. It is very necessary to be shrewd when it comes to playing a card game. That’s the whole point about this game and the part of the thrill comes from outsmarting a clever opponent. 

Limitations on Roulette betting

While a regular player can understand most of the terminologies used in casinos and casino card games, a new player may find it very confusing. Therefore here we will list the limitations and explain the same in brief for everyone to understand. 

  • Minimum Chip Denominatio 

Players buy chips in stacks from the casino. The stacks contain 20 chips and the value differs from casino to casino ranging from $ 0.5 to $2 in Nevada. Therefore the minimum bet placed by the player in his first purchase should be higher than the minimum chip value. 

  • Table minimu 

Table minimum for the inside and outside bet may always be the same. But the casinos like to mention it separately because they treat the inside and the outside bets separately. The players have the options to make any of the bets, like the inside bet alone, the outside bet alone or both the nets. 

  • Table maximum 

The table maximum usually ranges from $25 to $1000 and again it depends on the casino and also on the table minimum. However, this betting limit applies to all the outside bets. There is also another term called the ‘anyway to the number’ where the players are allowed to make straight-up bets, split bets, and corner bets. 

  • Maximum payout

This is comparatively a recently added practice. This limits the maximum amount that the inside bets can payout. This is usually mentioned as ‘maximum inside bet limit’. 

Despite the betting regulations and restrictions, a game of roulette is very interesting and offers its players a wide variety of betting options. This makes the game unique in its own way.